If you hold on tight to your dear ones and never lose them, will you then be able to enjoy the pure joy of their coming back?

Is never losing a person better than losing the person once and then getting him/her back?

If second chances do exist, why don't you go experience it at least once?

Have you ever been at the bliss of.. letting go?

In a frozen shell in a static world, will your smile ever become more beautiful?
Or will it lose the luster and meaning, gradually?

How much pressure can your smile absorb, before it breaks down into distorted curves?

* All pictures are stolen from teh interwebs


  1. son et, that was superb.. and quite true i must say, letting go of persons and watching them come back, what more can one ask?

  2. "How much pressure can your smile absorb, before it breaks down into distorted curves?"
    Naaice Et..Very naaaice :i

    PS: Did you click the 1st snap?

  3. @ Shravan
    Thank you! Yeh, sometimes we can't ask a bit more; we just have to wait..

    @ Choco
    The snap, no its not my click -- read the disclaimer at the end!
    I could've, though, if I had a wonderful camera and a wonderful roadside at hand. :d

  4. This is indeed beautiful (if you did it yourself). But what the hell is the bliss of letting go? It never is fun to let somebody you love go away.

    I know that so.

  5. @ Shadow
    TnQ, I did it myself when the idea flew to me during an early morning cold shower. :)
    The bliss of letting go is the understanding that it is the only choice, and its for all the very best. That things will be okay. Think how superior it is compared to stressing out and hurting yourself and the other to hold on and never let go.

  6. @Et's Reply to Shadow

    Et is getting philosophical???? :o :c

    Aye Aye Ayee Ayee 8|

  7. insightful post...and very true...

  8. @ Choco
    It won't exactly feel philosophical or imaginary when you find yourself asking these questions to yourself, well, at some point in life. :)

    @ raphe

    @ Nim
    Oh thanks dear! :Angel

  9. It is just beautiful...!!!
    Pics are also just so apt!!!

  10. @ $$
    About pics - thank the mighty google! ;)

  11. Insightful Qs. I was particularly struck by the phrase 'the bliss of letting go'.. and as for the frozen smile.. it reminded me of Monalisa.. :)

  12. beautiful questions, buddy... specially i loved the lines "How much pressure can your smile absorb, before it breaks down into distorted curves"