The cutie gang!

Since I posted my screamer game to the flash forums, I've been recieving suggestions to build it to a real game. Slowly I could see the potential game in that thing which I made for a screamer. It was just clear that none of the guys at the flash forums had seen crystallized graphics before...(joking). But anyway the crystallized effects in my product were somewhat new in flash. Finally I decided to go on with the crystal graphics.
I started looking out for little suggestions on the game. And one day when I had nothing else to do..I had to actually start thr work...but Oh my!..once I started it was all going in that fast pace. The game contained smileys in each level, which I personaly call cuties. Making of the cuties and animating them was a simple work. Anyway I had to look for more cuties and as each level of the game was set in a different colour, I was running out of colours. I sketched the characters of each level before I slept. The frustating work in the whole making was arranging the cuties in the 3D way. That was fun though.

And Oh! the finale thing I needed was some game music..After looking a lot through my music collection I finally reached the folder containing enigma songs. I tested each song (which actually caused me some vomitting sensation) and for good there was a perfect music but for the bad..that was the last song!(sigh!)
What to say? - the game was finally finished with all it's beauty. Hmm I could anyway hear only good comments about it. The crystal graphics clicked..the music clecked...and moreover the game also clicked..
And eeeeh!! I was so Happy!!(cheese!)

Check my game here....named "A Very Simple Game"


*It was hosted on the AlbinoBlackSheep site's front page and hey!..all alone..a special update..!

*One crazy guy made one solutions page for my game...
In other far as the idea of this game is concerned..
/>>Cheat for "A Very Simple Game"

Oh my! where can you find the author publishing a game and it's cheat at the same place??!

My Experiences with Flash movies, Flash MX and ABS...

Chapter 1 - Flash movies
I don't believe someone who've been using computers and internet for somedays saying that he/she has never seen a flash movie..or technically a swf. Flash movies are such cute and simple files . whatever it contains , like game, animation, music video... it's always enjoyable. At earlier times I've never thought I could make a similar one.

Chapter 2 - Flash MX
It was one pretty day in my +2 college days I got the Flash MX software from my pal Sarath. He gave it to me thinking i could make pretty animations out of it. But as i tried using the software...Oh! waqs such a complicated mess over there!! I couldn't do anything with it even though i tried a lot understanding it by using various tools and reading the inbuilt tutorials. As it was my wish to do some thing with it... i could find someway to do it, anyway. As I read through the tutorials
I was able to know things better, but little by little. And I tried and tried and tried and then a stage came that I could do something with it. I was able to guess how other flashes were made and I made simple ones myself too.

Chapter 3 - ABS
When I was browsing over the internet looking flash movies and all..I came across the ABS.
For those who don't know ABS - It is the short for AlbinoBlackSheep, a cool community for flash movies games and all.
But it was after many days that I thought of posting some flash to the ABS forums. I signed up and posted two of my flash movies to it.
Screenshot from Simple Game

Oh! my... one of those was just selected and was hosted on the frontpage of ABS. It was a prank file called the Simple Game.

Then the ABS members told me to make some real game out of it.. and Oh! I am on the work!

India is 60!

"Indian civilisation today is stagnant. It is duty of youth to convert this stagnant pool into a moving stream. the test of youth is action, rebellion in every sphere. Every youth must rebel. Not only in the political sphere but in social , economic and religious spheres also. I have not much use for any man who comes and tells me that such and such thing is said in Koran. Everything unreasonable must be discarded even if they find authority for it in the vedas and in Koran. I know there are dificulties in pursuing this path but these difficulties are infinitely better than inaction."

[On the mission of youth - Jawaharlal Nehru, 20 May 1928]

Happy B'day India!

Enjoy Freedom..