Meowy X'mas!

So, my sister made a sweet little Xmas hat for el kitten, Chloé ^_^

Wishes to all you folks out there!

Apparently, the only time the hat is going to stay there

Penciling blogger template - recent template error has been repaired

Some users of the much loved Penciling blogger template might have encountered a few errors in the template recently.
This problem was noticed since today morning by certain users (and myself). The error made the template look a bit dis-aligned.  

Without much ado, I want you let y'all know that there is nothing to panic.
Actually, the error has been already repaired and the good new template can be grabbed from the official Penciling blog:

Just upload this new template file, and everything will be good as new!

The culprit - Google!
The image resources were hosted in Google's very own Picasa. After several years of consistent working, one fine morning for god-knows-what reason, they decide to change the way the hosted images work!
And then several images linked all over the web started looking funny, including those that were part of (the late version of) Penciling template *and* my two blogs :|| .

Anyhow, the damages have been undone with some frantic run through the template code. Google, thanks for providing Blogger but no thanks for surprise changes which make our Blogger blog looks funny.

Hope you will continue using and loving the Penciling template :)

Paws of wrath

This post is all about my kitten Chloé's demolition mode, as mentioned previously :D

The daily routine of Chloé can be roughly summarized as follows:

One needs special expertise and practice to accurately determine the intensity of attack (ranging from no-nail-pounce to slaughter).
The following picture was taken moments before she unleashed demolition mode.

The depth of rage is often reflected directly in the eyes

 Although fatalities so far include only cockroaches, it is always better to be aware of Chloé's dispositions.

Best defense is to stay calm, trying not to provoke her.

Always stay alert. The transition to rage mode is too spontaneous. And even if you are alert, chances of survival are less in front of the kitten's tachyonic reflexes.

Unpredictability - evil plans might be hatching in that feline brain

Wrath - no escape

Innocence - deep beyond the claws of steel lies a sleepy kitteh

And when you endure all the violence, she sleeps. 
And when she sleeps, god's light shines upon her.
Until she wakes up again.