Ode to DBC

Last week I have been trying to be minimalistic and economical in food.
By weekend, I found myself craving for all the flavors I have been avoiding. I would walk into the food court in a mall, and would want to try Everything! I'd want to try random tastes that pop up in my mind.

Like the one day I couldn't resist pastries:

Stepping into the next 365 days

The idea of New Year Resolutions seems to be losing it's spark and glitter with people increasingly being aware that it doesn't properly bring about the change it promises. Change comes from within and stuff.

Facebook makes a pretty good attempt at a recap of 2012 with the Year in Review feature. This review could be very accurate, depending upon the amount of personal data and photos you've freely given to Facebook.

On Dec 31st night in 2011, I was in Bengaluru city by some turn of events and I was loving it. This year I intentionally joined the New Year celebrations in the same city, and it had hardly any resemblance to the colorful picture of cheerfulness, neon lights, and peaceful festivity that I had in mind from a year back. To the contrary it was an annoying chaos of noise, drunkards, and police charges in a rather hot weather.

There goes, the only three reasons to write a blog post around New Year's Eve. Blogs will indeed be having a hard time of survival this 2013.

Be all that as it may, it is still a useful thing to reflect upon your past few months and look at how you as a person has grown up, expanded, and what tiny waves of change you've contributed to the general mess that is the world.

For the past few weeks, I have been waking up to the above quote on my apartment wall (originally designed by Jeremy Beasly for the Resolve Project).

This motto can have wonderful results if we are ready to follow it. On an average day, we have several opportunities to concern ourselves with managing the daily routines. At the end of the day, much energy and time is spent on these chores and we'll procrastinate on the extra things or hobbies we'd like to do.

But when we let these routine tasks take a back seat - meaning not to stop doing them, but to give them a lesser priority, to see them as the little things that they are - the amazing possibilities of the rest of your day uncovers in front of you.

An interesting side effect of trying to live for so much more is how you smoothly flow through days; Mondays and Fridays will be equally fun, weekends and weekdays will hardly differ. In short, the fatigue of living disappears.

Plans for the year
You  can take a look at my Facebook album of artworks which sums up how I progressed with drawing in the past months.

Other than that, I am in the middle of a set of plans carried on from 2012. It is a list of illustrations, paintings, and even some coding, not to mention the novels literally overflowing from my cupboard. The current plan is to finish these plans, and then to look into a different set of things, perhaps create a few more games.

Being in the new city has been a joy ride, unlocking a bunch of fond memories ^_^

Happy 2013 !