A Pretty Day's Randomness

After I bought my cell phone it has been of good use. Anyway the little guy never got that busy in my hand as it is supposed to be. Well it have one or more capabilities.. and that anyways keep it busy. It have a 1.3 MP cam, well not excellent though, it is handy to capture your pretty moments, and rather your crazy and spontaneous ideas!

Here I am posting some of the not-so-natural pics I captured in the 1.3MP cam:

Every ceiling fan in my home in still position shows it's 3 leaves!

Patriotism : Even ready to take weapons

That's my own part of decoration at my little cousin sis' B'Day!

A water-colour work attempted by me on a boring day..

et Rules!... @ my classroom's door

My ubuntu Apps 3 : Back to the Windows

Well you were enjoying the beauty and power of Ubuntu after you dumped aside your M$ installation, right? Or, are you?
Windows miss lots of Ubuntu functionality, but it's a fact that Ubuntu too miss something you may get easily in Windows. I plan to make a separate post on that. Anyways, for now, I'll talk about some ubuntu apps which will give us some feel of Windows and some usefulness.

#1 Wine Windows Wine-doors
Just think, what all Windows apps would you still like to be run inside ubuntu? Well you may even feel hopeless about some of the bigger programs. But ubuntu has the solution. And that is.. Wine, for Windows. Install wine, and no more talking.. just install your Window apps and run them.. don't even doubt! For my experience I've installed Flash 8, and run many simple exe's! And I even played Grand Theft Auto!(But no trainer hacks!). Wine-doors is associate of Wine. It enables you to download the top rated Windows applications and install them in ubuntu. And the best part is.. You can fool them saying "I do have a Windows Genuine license". Windows and genuine! Lot more a joke.

terminal commands:
sudo apt-get install wine
wget http://www.wine-doors.org/releases/wine-doors_0.1-1_all.deb
sudo dpkg -i wine-doors_0.1-1_all.deb

Wine doors is still not the complete solution. Lets discuss it later!

Wine in action: See it's flash player and Photoshop installer on Ubuntu!
+ I made that flash movie.. my first one

#2 Oh!I can't mount anymore!

Install Ubuntu. Configure your music player with all those huge playlists. Set a photo from D: drive as the Ubuntu wallpaper.
Make shortcuts for your favourite folders on the desktop or top panel. All done.. ha?!
Now.. restart Ubuntu.

Watch out!

You see the blank ubuntu desktop. No custom wallpaper!
You are pale to see the favourite folder shortcuts as invalid locations!
Finally you take the music player.. and.. no Music!

:( you are sad!

You feel really bad..
Like i felt..

And then.. you figure out. Your hard disks have not been mounted yet. You double clicked on them, mounted, and everything is back! :)


It happens again, the very next reboot. You mount again, again, and obviously.. again! Somebody praised Windows?
So tell me now what you want.. yeah I hear.. wanna auto mount the hard drives?

One simple solution: Pysdm

terminal command:
sudo apt-get install pysdm

Type pysdm in terminal to run. One time configuration, and the rest part is clear!
If you are asked for any root privileges..

terminal command:
sudo su
Type in your user password, and yippee.. you are root!

So well, try 'em. :)
Happy computing. :)

Private trailer ahead..

This is a trailer based on a currently spread sms among our batch! :D
This makes best sense to a small group of people, while it still is compatible with a larger group out there! Check out!

Wishing U the best B'day...

Thinking of birthdays.. someday before I came across a lovely website specialized in making cakes! Yummy ha?! You must be thinking about all those cupcakes and birthday cakes you have seen. But this is something more. They have a wonderful collection of custom made cakes, and is always ready to make the special cake for your occasion! :D

So what's so special about custom made cakes? You have to see a bunch of 'em for this. See how skillfully have they made those cakes and decorated them...

Oh! I loved the Google cake! Check more cakes at pinkcakebox. Zoom into see the attention they have given to even the slight details.

So enough cakes for the sweetest birthday, alright?
Enjoy another delicious year of your life!!

One thursday at home

Today I didn't go to my college. This fever is a very irritating thing. Anyway I decided to watch WallE...

WallE was awesome!
It's such a cute movie I saw after Kunfu Panda . It was beautiful in every aspect. The animations and character design were excellent. And the story, was such sweet! It was a wonderful mix of entertainment.

caution:story ahead !!
WallE features the future after 700 years. The humans had left the earth and living their ultra modern life in a massive space shuttle arrangement. WallE is left on the earth with other forbidden things, where the robot finds it's own world of fun. It is then the robot Eve is sent to earth for recovering evidence of life. And the awesome part is, WallE falls in love with Eve! But Eve had to return after she found the little plant preserved by WallE. The adventure begins when WallE manages to get into the space vehicle which took back Eve. Filled with lots of funny and exciting events, WallE helps humans to come back to earth and restore their normal life. And his love is fulfilled as well!
the end

A must watch!

Watch some nice shots from WallE the movie:

My Ubuntu apps 2 : Do it in style!

So we have ubuntu, all the very essential applications and a happy and smooth computing! Ubuntu is a beautiful girl. But let's make it more stylish. Or who doesn't need to, right? So here are some mind blowing apps for your ubuntu which make your love for ubuntu more deep..
Well I also needed to say that I can't really say 'ubuntu apps'. These are apps for all linux distros including fedora and open suse. Just meant to say "use Ubuntu, it's more lovely!".

Exhibit #1: The Compiz Effect
Compiz Fusion, that's the name! It's the application which transforms your ubuntu desktop into a magical experience, which boost your user experience to the peak. Compiz simply adds a whole lot of extra effects to the ubuntu interface. This includes stunning window effects like burning windows, rotation, folding, the mac style magic lamp and lot more! Compiz provides excellent management of multiple workspace with the masterpiece desktop cube and many extra features like expo, unfolding the cube etc. It allows you to draw with fire on your wall, and allows some wobbly water on it as well.

terminal commands:
sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager
sudo apt-get install fusion-icon

sudo apt-get install emerald

Emerald is a windows decorator which allows you to apply charming window boarders and buttons.

Desktop cube in compiz
(I was watching SAW V then!)

Unfold the desktop with Expo (I was watching Rock on then!)

Exhibit #2: Dock it!
Ever thought of having a Mac style dock in Ubuntu? Or a dock like the various Windows docks like Objectdock or Rocketdock? Well, Ubuntu has the solution. The name is not much 'docky' though. It's Avant Window Navigator, or AWN. Just dock all your favourite shortcuts and there are even more applets available ready made in AWN. Just delete off the bottom panel in ubuntu and put your AWN dock there!

Installation requires two repositories to be added to the ubuntu download sources list.

First open software sources manager:
System->Preferences->Software Sources

Now select the Third Party tab and click Add button to add new repositories. Add the below two repositories, one by one.
1) deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/awn-testing/ubuntu hardy main
deb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/awn-testing/ubuntu hardy main

Click Close and in the coming dialog box don't miss to select Reload.

After all these steps are done, type in the terminal command:
sudo apt-get install awn-manager-trunk awn-extras-applets-trunk

You are done!

Exhibit #3: Where is the terminal?
So in all the above installation processes and for much more extra tasks the terminal is of much importance in Ubuntu. The way to access the terminal is from the Applications menu. Further a quick launch can be achieved by adding the launcher to the top panel or even to the AWN! But just pause for a second and think of those console thingy in our cool PC games. Yeah! there is a terminal application in ubuntu working in the same way! Just a click of a button(preferably the '~'), and here the terminal slides down from the top of the screen. Another cool thing about this console, called Tilda is that it's completely customizable! From background colour to text colour to transparency, font and also the size and position on the screen, it's now a much lovable console for you.. together with an instant access!

terminal command: sudo apt-get install tilda

Now do it in style when you are in Ubuntu!!

AWN and Tilda illustrated

Saw V : Play the Jigsaw!

So last day I saw Saw V. I only had watched the 1st version of this movie, that too somewhat incomplete. Well now the 5th version is too much developed from the 1st, anyhow. But I realised violent movies are not always cool. The unrated edition was too much of blood and gore, really too much. The Jigsaw games took more of effort and sacrifice. It was 2.5 hours of violence! Practically there is only violence, more than the movie. People killed and tortured.. and little less of story too. But I don't recommend the uncut version. Better watch it when it comes in HBO or star movies. It didn't give me any nightmares though! :)

BSN-hell !!

Today has been a really nice day with BSNL!
It was a total screwed up state today morning when i tried to access the web. When i typed in orkut.com and mozilla loaded, there goes.. redirection to a bsnl site! All the site and every search redirected to this same site! And what it said.. " You have exceeded the 1GB limit. Please login to continue". Alright, if so.. let us login. Then came the real heck. No ID or password accepted! So what you plan to do in this situation ha?

The site is of this address: Re-direct here!

You noticed the url?
Portal.war? Like they are waging war with the customers ha?(Sorry I don't know what it actually means!) :P

Cute ha?!! So thinking how I posting this now? Hmm.. it got well around a 5.00 or 6.00 int he evening. So dudes, I have torrent downloads tonight too. What if this happens again??

Or is it some phishing site??
Not just me has experienced it, but this was hot topic at the broadband forums too!
They talk of some alert system and all. Well, alert system is okey. But why should it keep rejecting our login ha?!

Hell with BSNL!

* I have a Home 500c plan, for your reference.
* Not all sites redirect! We can load https sites like addons.mozilla, yahoo login page etc.

* It happened again! I am so damned!
* I am currently blogging from H's computer through Remote desktop! Thanks teamviewer.
~ H, you don't need a thanks ha?! :)

EDIT #2:
* Well the net is up again, for now.. :P
* Information from the India broadband forums tells that this so called 1GB-exceed-limit phenomenon is likely to happen 1st of every month! Goddammit!
* Check the forum here