My Ubuntu apps 1 : Media

Ubuntu has been awesome for my computing! These days I discovered how to make ubuntu more beautiful and more useful for my needs. I fell in more love with ubuntu. In ubuntu I found many applications so as to get my work done. Anyway I agree to the fact that certain things still have to develop to completely dump Windows! For instance getting voice chat and webcam support done in ubuntu is a heck of work. Well, I mean for newbies like me. Although it can be configured with much work, I dropped it in half way getting all irritated. I guess other newbies also tend to do so.

So we still need Windows for those webcam sessions and some pretty games as well, as far as i am concerned.Oh! and one more thing is that I got all sad by the Remote desktop in ubuntu. I could 'remotely' view my own computer in my own compter(err..think on it!). But when I tried viewing my friend's computer it's a big failure. Hats off to Teamviewer in Windows in that case. Well you can connect Ubuntu to Windows using teamviewer,where the graphics is all screwed up, which further prevented me from trying Ubuntu to Ubuntu. And don't even think about Windows to Ubuntu! Well, leave it! :D

Well this post is primarily about the title specified - my ubuntu apps. Let's see the et-recommendations on ubuntu apps for newbies. This is exclusively for newbies coming after me. Let's get it done together!

Exhibit #1 : The media

Let me assume you installed ubuntu and configured internet conenction somehow, or at least you know to get it done.
For broadband connection which uses a password to login, type the following command in terminal(Applications->Accessories->Terminal) and press enter.

sudo pppoeconf Now follow the instructions which are too easy to follow.

So let's configure the media thing!

Teh Video:

type in the terminal: sudo apt-get install vlc press enter

That's it! It installs vlc player in your ubuntu, which is a complete media solution. Still a light weight music player will be handy.

Teh Music:

Light weight:
The audacious music player is too minimal, but easy to use for frequent music playback.

terminal command: sudo apt-get install audacious

Managing complete music:
Songbird is the complete music solution. Huge libraries which gulps all your music files, sorts out to any given criteria, kills repeatability, even display lyrics and provide excellent theming and surprises you with it's functionality.

Download the package Here
Extract it and install by clicking the file named songbird. Afterwards you may have to install additional plugins to play all your file formats. Songbird automatically gives link to those plugins, don't worry!

So that's all for now. Let me watch American Pie 4.
Watch out for more ubuntu apps!

Game on!

Itz all set!

My PC motherboard's display problem repaired with a 256 Azus graphics card! Now that means even more. Let's go for some higher gaming with the 3D graphics card!

Bad news is that our semester 3 university announced to be conducted starting from December 9th. Hey! it's not so bad in other sense. After all we have one more semester there in 1 year and there are still more exams. Let the hell finish soon! Talking about exam, it's all going to be fun! Plus, here's my new graphics card and lot more gaming. I realize how much time does computer eat up everyday..

Last night I installed ubuntu again. And all set in one night! See my ubuntu desktop with my art work using compiz fusion!

et on fire!

Haven't tried ubuntu yet?

Happiness: the constant product of your day-to-day little pleasures

It's been a while.. no.. a loong time since I've posted. I know. But you know what, I have a genuine reason for that. My very own PC had been shut for all the last month! Motherboard problems..anyway I am not going into the boring technical details. The basic problem was complaint with the display part. Now it can be corrected only with this extra graphics card. Even the latter is not a simple thing when it's done practically. Product mismatch and all. Now I am running on a poor 800x600 VGA card. And no Ubuntu in the near future!Only M$ Windows survive!

So here is my advice on complaint of motherboard. If you still want to keep in touch with your computer and the related things, NEVER send it for a repair. Just try any extra accessories(like graphics card in my case) or buy a new one! Yeah!you heard it right. So no big news until now. Even I may be thinking of a new motherboard with processor soon.

Anyway good news all around except the computer affair. New 26"LCD TV. Great marks in the last series. More active and successful life. And even more!See how the mighty god balances every little happiness of our life!