Ode to MJ

I made a new smiley to the collection today morning.

This one, is a tribute to MJ, who passed away this 25th of June.

..to Michael Joseph Jackson, the king of pop

Symbol: :mj Smiley: :mj

To the amazing skills he possessed.. the infinite energy he had within.. to that great person who stood up shining despite all the negative waves aiming at him.

I was never a die hard fan of MJ. There were only a few songs of him that I really admired. MJ was anyways, one of my heroes in the childhood. His death has now brought my admiration back, taking me deeper to his genius and uniqueness.. telling me to do something for his soul.

Black Out!

et loved the SAW series. :)

But his friends sued him for that. :(

et loved zombies :L

His friends never did. :~

No place for black(colour), no place for darkness, no place for the vampires and goths..

Then, et met Dark Gal :O

Oww.. and she loved everything mentioned above!
et and dg became gud, gud friends. :h

And then, they together created a daaark blog.
Painted in black, decorated with cob webs; built up in The Attic template.

et was born on 18th; dg on 5th.
Both were engineers.
18 - 5 = 13
The blog release was due on 13.

et slept off that day.

Again, 18 + 5 = 23
Nobody slept this time.

And thus was released The Dark Thinker by et and dg on the 23rd of June, in the dark midnight.

Bats flew in.. zombies crawled in.. wolves howled across the blogosphere.
The Dark Thinker 's here..!
Game on!

Analogue or Digital?

Going to college after a long vacation has totally distorted my brain's schedule. I almost fell on the desk sleeping by the second hour in the morning. And then I decided rest is more important. And thus I bunked all the afternoon hours. :D

At the restaurant, me and my buddy Jo had an argument on this.

Jo : "C'mon, you don't have to bunk now! All the teachers for the afternoon session is present."
: "No man! I'm dead sleepy and I can't even think of fitting in for 3 more hours in the class!"

After 10 minutes:

Jo : "Why, it's just the second day! Stay here."
: *silent*

After 5 more minutes:
: "Come back with me after lunch. All right?"

: *silent*
After 5 more minutes:
: "et.. I think I'll come with you."

: "Okay! Go back in a rush, take your bag, and come soon."

Now that's my friend Jo. He says he's not an analogous person. His decision curve goes like a digital wave. That is, sudden rise and fall of choices!

Like this:

His response time is very close to zero. I don't remember another person with such a spontaneously changing graph of mind.

Most persons have a graph like the one below:

The slope of the graph widely differs though. The above one comes more close to my way of thinking. Slow, and steady! :D

So what kind of person are you - analogue or digital? Do you know any perfectly digital persons like Jo? :)

Some persons are at extremes as well. Below is my friend Dipi's idea of bunking class.

Again, there can be highly dynamic graphs at particular situations. For example, my sis is put into the trial of choosing her higher studies.
Her possible thoughts on any given college will be approximately as shown below:

Now plot YOUR graph! :O