Ode to MJ

I made a new smiley to the collection today morning.

This one, is a tribute to MJ, who passed away this 25th of June.

..to Michael Joseph Jackson, the king of pop

Symbol: :mj Smiley: :mj

To the amazing skills he possessed.. the infinite energy he had within.. to that great person who stood up shining despite all the negative waves aiming at him.

I was never a die hard fan of MJ. There were only a few songs of him that I really admired. MJ was anyways, one of my heroes in the childhood. His death has now brought my admiration back, taking me deeper to his genius and uniqueness.. telling me to do something for his soul.


  1. Awwww...Et..... :i

    A very thoughtful tribute....

    Just when one thinks that you are a bug you do something like this :)

  2. Umm. why wer u thinking like that, btw? :i

  3. Common now. With that antenna, twig like arms and legs, pit dark eyes and that bloodless complexion...what else do you expect??? :P :r

  4. I think et is just et. But why is the fascination with MJ? My Indian friends love MJ more than others. Personally, I don't think his music is that good. But I do enjoy his 'Remember the Time.'

    Better be an alien bug than the one which gets squashed under foot. :)

  5. Point #1 @ shadow
    i am never a hardcore MJ fan. well, i'll tell the reason in an update of the post.

    Point #2 @ choco
    et is more human, considering his activities. i hope a rare few are able to absorb it.

  6. yeah me too..i was never a MJ enthusiast... but there are some selective numbers of him which i love...

  7. Apart from the moon walk, the confidence oozing acts from his childhood, the dazzling smile from pre plastic surgery days, I don't think much of him.

    He might have had a sad childhood, he might have been a regressed child, but that doesn't liberate him from his stupid and insane i-sold-my-brains-for-a-penny acts, not to mention alleged crimes that were settled out of the court. (one of the reasons why he was so heavily buried under debt)

    He has my sympathies though. I just can not get beyond his innocent eyes and dazzling smile from his days as a part of the jackson five [esp, when he was 11 year old or so].

    PS: I like your smiley, nifty and creative , as always. :)

  8. so creative. ur good wid the widgets n stuff ! n yes, mj has been a big inspiration for many, even aftr his death...all we can do is pray that his soul rests in peace.
    oh n i absolutely loved the moon-walking mj smiley :)

  9. @ Nim
    yea.. like that!

    @ yogs
    don start with the smiley it's :mj !!

    @ princess
    whoa.. complete brief analysis on MJ's saga!
    and thanks! :)

    @ evy
    thnks! n see ya around!
    is u'r profile name a misplaced.. this one: ^_^