Analogue or Digital?

Going to college after a long vacation has totally distorted my brain's schedule. I almost fell on the desk sleeping by the second hour in the morning. And then I decided rest is more important. And thus I bunked all the afternoon hours. :D

At the restaurant, me and my buddy Jo had an argument on this.

Jo : "C'mon, you don't have to bunk now! All the teachers for the afternoon session is present."
: "No man! I'm dead sleepy and I can't even think of fitting in for 3 more hours in the class!"

After 10 minutes:

Jo : "Why, it's just the second day! Stay here."
: *silent*

After 5 more minutes:
: "Come back with me after lunch. All right?"

: *silent*
After 5 more minutes:
: "et.. I think I'll come with you."

: "Okay! Go back in a rush, take your bag, and come soon."

Now that's my friend Jo. He says he's not an analogous person. His decision curve goes like a digital wave. That is, sudden rise and fall of choices!

Like this:

His response time is very close to zero. I don't remember another person with such a spontaneously changing graph of mind.

Most persons have a graph like the one below:

The slope of the graph widely differs though. The above one comes more close to my way of thinking. Slow, and steady! :D

So what kind of person are you - analogue or digital? Do you know any perfectly digital persons like Jo? :)

Some persons are at extremes as well. Below is my friend Dipi's idea of bunking class.

Again, there can be highly dynamic graphs at particular situations. For example, my sis is put into the trial of choosing her higher studies.
Her possible thoughts on any given college will be approximately as shown below:

Now plot YOUR graph! :O


  1. et; Tell your friend Jo to make up his mind and not drift with the flow. Personally I would berate such people who change his mind quickly. (I am sure Jo is a nice friend but it is for his own good).

    I CAN change my decision quickly, if I see the reason why it must be changed. Ha, and no one thinks like a graph, et :)

    I prefer to test that how well your mind respond right after you wake up from a deep sleep. Ask a couple of VERY philosophical questions (never maths, because I hate maths) to a guy who just awoken. If he can answer them while still sleepy... WOO! That's a very clear mind indeed - all pistons going.

    Try that to poor Jo. :)

  2. lol..nice... Well I think I'm a lil bit like ur friend Jo...

  3. Hmmm... We were planned bunkees.

    We bunked only the Pass subjects and that too with our minimum attendance in mind. Under extreme situations or for b'day bashes we used to bunk honors too. But never "I Shah's" classes. She was too smart you see. She would check the previous professors attendance register before coming in. So if you were present there, you are in a soup.

    I am terrible at graphs. So almighty geeky Et thou shalt have to draw up my graph for me! :P

  4. I think my graph will pretty much match with ur sis's. Me being utterly indecisive and absolutely confused with what to do mist of the time. :)

  5. Hi!like ur style of writing. It's warm, spontaneous and smooth...u r nw in my reading list :)

  6. @ Eddie Sky

    @ Shadow
    I've taken every effort to rebuild Jo. But he's so complicated being.. ;finally i decided to let him free! :D

    mm and that's a practical test u've given der.. shud try t wid some persons here!

    @ Nim
    My... u too! :O

  7. @ choco
    god.. thanks a lot for not puttin any such intelligent teachers in my college!
    All thy wishes shalt be granted! :)

    @ Vyazz
    But I still believe u don't have brain damage! (Yeah.. ma sis doesn't read ma blog!)

    @ Jinju
    Hey thanks.. and u'r poems are so perfect! C ya around! :)

    @ DPhatsez
    Athra pawm thonnanda!

  8. Hmmm...No new posts...Et is bizzie.
    Just dropped in to tell ya I that saw your smileys in certain other blogs today. They look like a hit!
    Good going :)