ET Smileys no-wait-for-load version : The end of all JavaScript Conflicts!

Even when things are going good and fine, there's nothing wrong in making them.. better. Here is a hack on the et Smiley script for Blogger (and all other blogs) which brings in more smiles.

This update is mainly aimed at users experiencing JavaScript conflicts while using the et Smiley set with other scripts, resulting in any of the scripts not working properly.

The hack is to initialize the script manually. This can also result in a faster loading of the smiley script.
The smiley script waits until the entire page loads before it makes the smileys appear. But sometimes it has to wait until some small missing element in the page is loaded. This new method loads the script as soon as it is safe for it to load. No extra waiting!

So, the users who are currently happy with the script can just move on. Anyhow, if they find the improvisation discussed above interesting, feel free to try out the new method.

Let us see how it works:

Step #0 (old users)
Users who are already using the smiley script and changing to the new method, make sure to remove the script currently in use.
Refer to the post from which you added the smiley script (Smileys for Blogger or Smileys for any blog/website) and remove the added lines of code.
Note: This update doesn't concern the smiley panel over comment form in anyway

Step #1
In your Blogger Dashboard, click the More Options down arrow next to your blog and select Template. In Template page, click the Edit HTML button.
Find the portion </head> in your blog's HTML code

Now just before </head>, add the following code

For Blogger blogs:

<script src="" type="text/javascript"/>

For other blogs/websites:

<script src="" type="text/javascript"/>

Step #2
Again, in the HTML code find the portion </body>
Yet again, add the following code just before this part

<script  type="text/javascript"> etSmileys(); </script>

And you're done! This should solve any JavaScript conflicts caused by the smiley script :)

Note: If you're not using a Blogger blog, and adding the smiley script for the first time, also follow the additional Step #2 in this post for the smileys to work

The Smell of Pasta

Several conventional recipes (and a few embarrassing disasters) later, last day I tried a pretty long recipe. This time the aroma comes all the way in Italian style.
It's pasta time!

So we gather round the raw materials..

Macaroni, Chicken, Onions, Tomatoes, Pepper and lots of Sauce. AND Butter.

Shed some a lot of tears on the onions. Don't mess up too much with the sauce.
And make a quantum leap (for me ;)) to the final dish

Wow! Delicious and fantastic. Who's the cook? :P

Here we have the amazing Buttered Chicken Macaroni.  
Le macaroni au poulet au beurre.

Try some Italian flavors in your kitchen too :)
Au revoir!

And the blog has been redesigned

The good ol' Eternal Thoughts template has retired to make way for the fresh new Mindblast template.

Speaking of freshness, this design idea or at least many of it's features has been sketched down and/or implemented within the last 2 years. In the end time wins, procrastination surrenders, because time is essentially infinite ;).

The old template was much loved by many readers. But after all, the old one was my first attempt at a blog design and so the code badly needed some total makeover.

There are a few extra features thrown in the new design, and a new Portfolio page. Discover as you get acquainted with it ^_^

My aim in the new design was simplicity and each part of the design having its own importance, thus no element being superfluous. Anyways, eagerly looking forward to your comments and suggestions <3

God took my wish seriously

For a moment, nothing happened. Then, after a second or so, nothing continued to happen.
Douglas Adams

Right after weeks and months of bragging about hectic college life, suddenly I am given all the free time I ever wanted. It is a sweet contradiction :). Following this all my previous blog posts were about creating something and publishing it. The list of ideas is being ticked off one by one and I must say that it is a wonderful feeling.

A recent work

The Perfect to-do List
article published in The Viewspaper