And the blog has been redesigned

The good ol' Eternal Thoughts template has retired to make way for the fresh new Mindblast template.

Speaking of freshness, this design idea or at least many of it's features has been sketched down and/or implemented within the last 2 years. In the end time wins, procrastination surrenders, because time is essentially infinite ;).

The old template was much loved by many readers. But after all, the old one was my first attempt at a blog design and so the code badly needed some total makeover.

There are a few extra features thrown in the new design, and a new Portfolio page. Discover as you get acquainted with it ^_^

My aim in the new design was simplicity and each part of the design having its own importance, thus no element being superfluous. Anyways, eagerly looking forward to your comments and suggestions <3


  1. MUCH BETTER!!!! This looks 'cool'

  2. @all
    Thank you, folks! :i

    Your template is nice in various elements. may be you could avoid the dream high image beside post title :)

  3. The blog looks cool Rahul :)

    The emoticons are really cool.

    This is the first time that I am visiting this place through. Hoping to drop by frequently

  4. @Ishan, welcome to my blog!

    Your compliments bring another smile to my face ^_^

    Looking forward to your visits and comments!

  5. that's annoying ya?
    ok, thanks for your suggestion ;)

  6. Hey :) cool template:P Something is missing here! Cant you give some colours??

  7. This design is so minimalistic and beautiful :)
    Good work ET... :)

  8. The header is awesome and the Label tags wid the icons are terrific!!!!

  9. The Best Template i have ever seen Rahul. You are superb designer.

  10. Can I have it? :)