The Smell of Pasta

Several conventional recipes (and a few embarrassing disasters) later, last day I tried a pretty long recipe. This time the aroma comes all the way in Italian style.
It's pasta time!

So we gather round the raw materials..

Macaroni, Chicken, Onions, Tomatoes, Pepper and lots of Sauce. AND Butter.

Shed some a lot of tears on the onions. Don't mess up too much with the sauce.
And make a quantum leap (for me ;)) to the final dish

Wow! Delicious and fantastic. Who's the cook? :P

Here we have the amazing Buttered Chicken Macaroni.  
Le macaroni au poulet au beurre.

Try some Italian flavors in your kitchen too :)
Au revoir!


  1. egghh, you make me hungry ,hheehee :P

  2. Pasta is easy. Just dump it in any sauce you fancy :P

  3. @Enny
    It's my pleasure ;)

    Yes dark lord, thy cooking powers are with no doubt superior :)

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