Life with Chloé - a few snaps

Chloé moves on to her 8th week and beyond. She is enough self reliable for her age, yet never in lack of spontaneous rage mode (I should be doing a separate post about that alone!). She's not tiny anymore, yet not a big cat.

Here are some snaps of Chloé awesomeness. The pictures range from her 5th to 8th week and in no particular order, so you'll notice irregular changes in her growth.

I'm on *my* bed with *my* toys. What you lookin' at?

Fairy vampires and kittens sparkle in the sunlight

New blanket? Comfort:  tested OK.

MY cube

Yet another day of sleeping with the Rubik's cube for Chloé

Out of Balance - a logic game for kids (and anybody who enjoys it!)

The new game from my workshop is ready for a spin!

This time it is a weight balance logical game. The game is made with kids in mind, yet it can be enough fun to anyone who wants to try.
Making the game was an enjoyable thing - browsing for toys, drawing a cute environment and so on; Childhood is wonderful :)

It is a not-so-uncommon concept built up with some good (and cute!) polishing. As usual, you get some enjoyable background music. So here goes:

Go on, try it out! Share it with the kids ^_^

Let me know your impressions and suggestions. You can check my other games at the portfolio page.

10 rather do-able steps to happiness

Happiness - yes, we're brushing through the topic once again! ^_^
But let me start with a very practical quote:

Moreover, it is an emotion. People constantly tweak their life in the pursuit to attain it, just to find themselves back at square one pretty soon. Exactly because it is an emotion. Any combination of sugar, spice, and everything nice doesn't seem to create the perfect stable form of happiness for them.

This article says about ways to improve your life in the next 3 months. It is a pretty long list. Ironically though, having too many items in any personal list is a deviation from happiness.

Below are few points I picked from the article (coincidentally 10). These daily steps, I feel, can make a whole lot of dissatisfied, bored, or still-on-The-pursuit folks reach out to happiness :)
So here comes:

10 rather do-able steps to happiness

(I've ticked those points that I've been following already, inevitably with minor/major discontinuities; That's life! ^^)

Live by the mantra: a place for everything and everything in its place. That is, have a definite place for all your things so that you can figure them out even in the dark (especially useful when you have aggressive kittens at home ;)).

Have a good laugh at least once a day: get one of those calendars that has a different joke for every day of the year, or stop by a web site that features your favorite cartoon.
Or have friends/family who can be real good laughing buddies.

Make it a point to learn at least one new thing each day: the name of a flower that grows in your garden, the capital of a far-off country, or the name of a piece of classical music you hear playing in your favorite clothing boutique as you shop. If it's time for bed and you can't identify anything you've learned that day, take out your dictionary and learn a new word.
(Geeky folks, learn about new programming languages/libraries of course!)

Make it a point to feed your mind with the thoughts, words, and images that are most consistent with who you want to be, what you want to have, and what you want to achieve.
Cluelessness regarding the text in italics is understood ;)

Stop multi-tasking; do one thing at a time without distractions.

Plan your day the night before.

Spend a few minutes at the end of each day organizing your desk, filing papers, and making sure that your work area is clean and orderly, so that you can walk in to a neat desk the next day.

Connect with someone new every day, whether it's by greeting a neighbor you've never spoken to before, following someone new on Twitter, leaving a comment on a blog you've never commented on before, and so on.

#9 (not a daily thing, so no tick)
Make it a point to associate with people you admire, respect and want to be like.

Stay in your own life and don't compare yourself to anyone else.

That's it!

A bonus point is to:
Keep reminding yourself that everyone is doing the best that they can. Everyone and everyone :P.


Kitten gets a Red flower : Chloé's new toy

Throughout her first week in home, I found a bunch of quirky toys for Chloé. One which makes her most excited is the Red (plastic) flower. Watch her first time with the flower toy :)

To make things more interesting, I suspended the flower at a height she can reach by slightly standing up on her hind legs. It worked rather well. It is now her most favorite toy to try out new aerodynamic hunting skills (except perhaps me).
Here's a video of Chloé getting introduced to the new toy (the kitten is 5-6 weeks old in this video):

graFighters - what if your notebook doodles came to life?

So here goes my latest awesome find on the interwebs : graFighters

The website describes itself as "The first online fighting game for your hand drawn characters". I think this alone will be enough to boost up the curiosity in all the doodle artists out there.
graFighters actually do make your doodles come to life. And what's more fun than seeing your fierce or cute doodle characters fight with others!

Getting started is quite simple. Just upload your character, trace out its hands, legs etc and the Cornelius algorithm would determine its powers.
Well, here are some snaps from my time in graFighters:

My first upload was et itself, although a rough version. But WTHell, he fights real well!

The fight with ManBearPig :D

et slays monsters! (Damage and Strength are the dominant powers of each)


New characters:
There are a bunch of creative characters in the place, and one can't help but create some equally awesome characters. So I made a few new ones ^_^

Ever imagined a dark version of et? Meet Arch et
Hm, may be I should use him in the comics.

Eagle eyes - because invisible characters would be blind if light went right through their retina :P

The below one is not a graFighter character. Many would recognize it as my current facebook display pic. Now you know the origin story of the evil eyes ;)

Note: I guess graFighters is currently open only for an invited few. Anyhow it should be publicly available soon enough.

New kitten in the home

You heard it right!

Everyone, meet Chloé.

Chloé, everyone.

Yes, there is an acute accent on the é. Kinda French, eh? You may as well save the trouble and spell it as a normal e. No pressure.

This beautiful calico kitten is in her 6th week on Earth. She was too much of a mommy girl, so getting her friendly took an incredible amount of patience. At present, though, she's familiar with her new home, new guardian (le me!) and thankfully her new litter box.

Chloé's arrival has finally swiped away the emptiness I've been feeling due to the lack of a pet  ^_^.  The days are fulfilling, watching her grow up.

See Chloé doing a cute stretching on my table:


More Chloé awesomeness in coming posts!

On a related note, in the future I should probably find a girl who has an equal love for cats, marry her, buy a home, and flood it with innumerable cats and kittens! Hah hah!
Okay, now don't feel repulsive.. just kidding.