New kitten in the home

You heard it right!

Everyone, meet Chloé.

Chloé, everyone.

Yes, there is an acute accent on the é. Kinda French, eh? You may as well save the trouble and spell it as a normal e. No pressure.

This beautiful calico kitten is in her 6th week on Earth. She was too much of a mommy girl, so getting her friendly took an incredible amount of patience. At present, though, she's familiar with her new home, new guardian (le me!) and thankfully her new litter box.

Chloé's arrival has finally swiped away the emptiness I've been feeling due to the lack of a pet  ^_^.  The days are fulfilling, watching her grow up.

See Chloé doing a cute stretching on my table:


More Chloé awesomeness in coming posts!

On a related note, in the future I should probably find a girl who has an equal love for cats, marry her, buy a home, and flood it with innumerable cats and kittens! Hah hah!
Okay, now don't feel repulsive.. just kidding.

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  1. So Right now you are in searching for "CAT-WOMAN" :angel ;)