Bengaluru : some odd glimpses from a quick visit

Before I knew it, two days ago, I was in Bangalore, Karnataka. Or to put it in the correct flavor, in Namma Bengaluru.
Everything happened on short notice - the travel, the exploration, and the return. And here are a few apparently brief but immensely live moments when my mobile cam was put to use.

funny sign board bengaluru weird industries
Weird.. Industries Limited
I wonder what their product line is. And unsurprisingly, the whole building is put to sale now.

This shot was taken from a moving bus, with a 5MP perfectly ordinary mobile cam, across a four-lane road and aimed at the second storey. So I am content just to get the lettering clear enough.

"Sometimes I am deeply perplexed about the life in a lake beyon- HEY ANOTHER BISCUIT!!"
A curious chaos in a less fashionable corner of the JP Park. I was lucky enough to spot this while being busy getting lost in the long and winding walkways of the park.

Few people occasionally come up with banana, biscuits etc to feed the Catfish. They come to the surface, then some get on top of the upper layer, and then a few hop further on top this, and so on. The visual is incomplete without a hint of size comparison. For simplicity, assume that each fish will span the length from your fingertip to your elbow, or larger.

I am in ur fish stall, testing the quality
Found this teenage kitten while waiting outside the local fish stall. It is curious how such a furry-tailed, perfectly blue-eyed, snow white got into this place. She is the unique one among the other typical cats inhabiting the place, also due to her innocent behaviour.

The kitten would run away from everyone, apparently due to the kicking and beating it had to endure from them. This close snap took a lot of patience, and love.

More fun things  
The first snap reminds me of  this comic from Iyer Matter.
There were more fun times in BMTC, but without photos. This collection of articles by Geetanjali Chitnis is a nice summary of traveling in BMTC.


  1. Aww! The kitten is cute. <3 :kitten

    Every journey has its own story to tell no matter how short! ;)

  2. Nice Clicks ET, Where is Metro Snap Shoot?

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog, and for the kind words!

  4. lovely. being a bangalorean this post caught my attention on indivine
    we got to JP park often & the fish pic you captured is amazing
    and the weird industry- haha yes wonder what they sell