A Very Simple Game 2 - Walkthrough

A Very Simple Game 2: Odd one out was published earlier this year, in July. Check out the game if you haven't done so yet!

Here is a game guide that will give you some really helpful hints to get through the colorful levels (And a few rather unhelpful comments from the game creator).

Level 1 | Mr.Happy
As we all know, this level is a no-brainer. All the smileys are supposed to be happy. So just click on the sad one already.

Level 2 | Dumber
The game is still going on easy terms. All the smileys look alike and are constantly jumping. Of course, except one. And that's the one you need to click.

Level 3 | Frenzy Blu
Although designed to be fairly easy, a fraction of the players seems to get stuck at this one. As the level angel says, "The Dots can deceive you". That's a pretty direct hint. Look closely and you will find that one smiley has an extra dot on its head. That's the chosen one!

Level 4 | Devil
Okay things just started getting a bit scary. This level was intuitively simple to some and impossibly difficult to some others. Hm, human perception is a pretty complicated thing. Well, go through the jumping smileys and you will see that one of them is jumping out of sync with the others. Spot-it and click-it!

Level 5 | Black Lescivia
A Very Simple Game, the first one, had only one female character. So I decided to add one more to AVSG2. But I wanted something dark and seductively evil. So Lescivia was born.
Oh well, the odd one's oddity lies in the rotating symbol on her forehead. Only one of them has a symbol rotating in the opposite direction.

Level 6 | Sad Ol' Chocolate
The sad brown guy from AVSG was too simple to get through. To make things interesting the circular mazes were summoned in AVSG2. Obviously the difference lies in the rotating circular mazes on their foreheads. The exact difference is not obvious though. The difference will be easily found if you compare the two innermost circles in each maze. Other than that, the level does require some effort to your eyes.

Level 7 |Marvin the paranoid android
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is a wonderful series of novels, the experience of it as magical as Harry Potter (or so I *think ;)). This level originally had a nerdy character, one with big round glasses. But then Marvin's concept suddenly seemed much more appropriate.
The level presents a variety of possibilities for the difference factor. After wasting your time on all the things happening there, try to figure out the one which never stops jumping. I'd click on that one if I were you.

 Level 8 | Daisy
There is something for everyone in AVSG2! So here comes the pink, flowery, girly one. Observe the band of flowers on their head. In one band, the flowers have more number of petals than the others. That's the One for you :)

Level 9 | Party Purple
Yes, so much light effects and confusion in this level. But finding that "slightest makeover" that distinguishes the odd one is fairly simple. That is, when you know that difference lies in their sideburns.

Level 10 | The Thinker
When the level was designed, there were two kinds of particles - thoughts and memories. Thoughts are white, and memories are orange, "colored in their essence". The Thinkers periodically emits their thoughts into the air, as you may observe. One of them also emits a few memories then and now. Find the one grudged by his memories!

So that's it! Complete Level 10 and enjoy the special end credits. Hope you enjoy the game!
Again, the game can be reached here.

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