New city, New mornings

New roads, New signs..
Going through big changes in life often demands a lot of time. At this moment I look back at the past few weeks and realize how I've been engaged in getting settled into a new city, a new job, and a new group of people.

Now that I feel settled, I have also started missing all the little creative pursuits including this blog. When I go through some old to-do lists which were crammed up in my travel bag for the past few weeks, numerous plans pop up in front of me; there's a lot of choice as to where to get sarted.

There are things I should resume - French tutorials, Harry Potter (yes, still ongoing!), comics (I should do a lot more of this), and world domination plans.
There are a few pet projects I should get started with.
And then again, as I walk through the streets of Bengaluru (where I really, really wanted to live and explore), a thousand more ideas take birth.

There's a lot of freshness, and an outburst of ideas.
I plan and hope to go through them at peace. I plan to keep simplicity as the motto.

Because simplicity is what makes life beautiful, apart from kittens.


The kitty sleeps tonight

Another fine late evening, and Chloé is about to take a nap in her usual place on my bed.
But then the strangest thing comes into the scene, a small silver piece playing music!

Uh oh, Chloé is surely not comfortable with this. She tries her usual tactics to stop the music.
Now, this is quite confusing, and Chloé is left clueless as to how to stop it !
Hmm, better find a new place for the nap!