An awesome unlucky day - way to Sunday Soul Sante

The Day
Last Sunday was one of those unlucky days for me, in that, you know, how every thing predictably seems to go the only possible way - the wrong way. I don't have to list all the nitty gritty of it; It was as if the day was dedicated to the celebration of Murphy's law.

One positive thing here is, you already know everything is probably not going to be okay. The frustration is over the moment you accept this, and actually start enjoying the (awful) way your day has turned out to be :D.

The awesomeness scale went high ever since I discovered that the Sunday Soul Sante was happening in Bengaluru, thanks to Alicia. It was a last minute plan; it was hard to gather any company. But there was an enourmous pull on me from the venue of Eden gardens, a creative gravity of sorts. And so I embarked on this quest with nothing but Google maps in my phone.
Soon the reality striked me with considerably lethal melee weapons. I was still in the effective period of the unlucky day. Everything continued to go wrong, including none of the transport buses that Google maps promised me appearing at the bus stops. And even when I finally reached the premises, I had a few more long unnecessary walks, as depicted below:

People who are familiar with the place will understand this well; People who aren't, let this be a warning to you

The Sante !

And then I entered the sante. All the unluck temporarily driven away, I basked in the world of arts, crafts, music and food ^_^

Let the pictures speak:

Special mention for Alicia Souza, the cutest stall in the whole place. And the person herself, incredibly awesome :)

As one of her illustrations says: "It takes a lot of hard work to be cute"

Below, some well executed digital drawings by Graphicurry. Part of my bad luck came into play here. I had only credit cards and not much of ready cash. A sad thing when you find so many things to buy and there are no swiping machines..

And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger..

This is only part of it all. It feels good that I went on this day itself, although alone, for the next one will take another 3 months to happen. Looking forward to it nevertheless!

Later in the day, I stood several minutes waiting in a queue inside the hypermarket because our cashier alone had disappeared to take care of something else. By this time I was used to the flow of the day. When my turn came and the swiping machine magically stopped working altogether, I gave it an unsurprised smile. This day has given me a lot of motivation. Moreover I was happy to be feeling the pulse of the new city at places where my heart truly belonged.