A More Human Approach

So are you still using your Windows XP - Teh Pirated version?? Well, then it's too bad that you haven't yet given a try for the whole new Ubuntu 8.04! Guess what.. I came to the Linux platform, ultimately!! Ubuntu 8.04 LTS is the orange beauty.. and I have fell in love with her. Oh! pretty 1 week I haven't booted to my Windows XP.

Being a total noob to the Ubuntu community it's obvious that I am totally embarrassed. The wobbly windows and burning screen enabled by Compiz fusion, the rotating cube of my desktop, opening windows apps in the Wine-effect.. and a lot more user experience. The terminal thingy rocks! They say Fedora is more popular.. but it's a fact that i can't part this pretty girl soon! Ubuntu, in addition to all it's amazing graphics and Linux power, provides you with a huge storage of packages with desirable download speeds to reach out any application so that you can do literally anything with your system. Now that's very particular to Ubuntu and it's daddy Debian apart from any other Linux distros. Now browse with no fear when you are in Ubuntu.

It's true that you may miss some of your favorite games when you use Linux alone. I haven't checked any games on wine either. And you will miss those error messages always coming here and there in your Windows. And it may seem strange when Ubuntu is working cool even when you try out all complex apps at the same time! Only thing i say about Ubuntu is.. just try it.. use it to get some work done.. then it's like magic that you'll forget about any other OS on your system!