Penciling : A hand drawn blogger template

Here's a new blogger template for you people. This was originally an experimental idea which sparked in my mind, and now its out there for you to grab.
Its called Penciling.

Penciling is a whole new concept, drifting away from the regular lines and boxes and from the web 2.0 glow. Its set in a more natural, hand drawn, paint dabbled look. Its simple, yet gives attention to the fine details.

You can take a detailed look at the template here.
Can't wait? You can download it here.

This template is for everyone who seeks fun and simplicity. There are colors, yet it is light themed, giving a feeling of openness.

All aspects are drawn in those modest pencil lines.

Although it may seem so obvious and simple, it takes care of every finer detail in the design.

There's the fun in all bits and pieces.
There's even some quirky ideas put in here and there.
The template comes with et Smiley set  installed. Now give more forms to your expression. :)

I hope you'll welcome this attempt of mine and have fun with it and share it with those who may need it.
You can get the template here : Download Penciling
For further tips and customization, you can go to : Penciling demo blog
You may want to see a test post

If you have a problem with installing the template, or if you want to know some tips and tricks, see the Quick Reference:
1. Installation
2. Essentials and Best practices
3. Customization 

Liked it? Didn't like it? Do give your feedback. Drop me a line here