Penciling : A hand drawn blogger template

Here's a new blogger template for you people. This was originally an experimental idea which sparked in my mind, and now its out there for you to grab.
Its called Penciling.

Penciling is a whole new concept, drifting away from the regular lines and boxes and from the web 2.0 glow. Its set in a more natural, hand drawn, paint dabbled look. Its simple, yet gives attention to the fine details.

You can take a detailed look at the template here.
Can't wait? You can download it here.

This template is for everyone who seeks fun and simplicity. There are colors, yet it is light themed, giving a feeling of openness.

All aspects are drawn in those modest pencil lines.

Although it may seem so obvious and simple, it takes care of every finer detail in the design.

There's the fun in all bits and pieces.
There's even some quirky ideas put in here and there.
The template comes with et Smiley set  installed. Now give more forms to your expression. :)

I hope you'll welcome this attempt of mine and have fun with it and share it with those who may need it.
You can get the template here : Download Penciling
For further tips and customization, you can go to : Penciling demo blog
You may want to see a test post

If you have a problem with installing the template, or if you want to know some tips and tricks, see the Quick Reference:
1. Installation
2. Essentials and Best practices
3. Customization 

Liked it? Didn't like it? Do give your feedback. Drop me a line here


  1. Cool :mj :mj :mj

    yeah yeah..I just commented cause I wanted to use that smiley :P

  2. Phew!! Awesome! mj smiley!! Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Let me use it :mj :-D

  3. dude i love the template... won't use it though... :P all ur followers with the same template will look a lil lame :P
    Aoooooh :mj

  4. @ Choco
    I pardon you :| :D

    @ Insignia
    Yes yes there IS one MJ smiley. Try using the smiley script! :P

    @ Nim
    Well may be most of the people will be thinking the same. Hence you can just use the template and be unique :D

  5. cool template bro!!! i loved it :)

  6. it's very awesome. Best :-)

  7. @ DuDo
    Its so ncie that you find it cool! :)

    @ HR
    I see that you've started using the template. Thanks for choosing Penciling :h

  8. All this technical stuff flew over my pretty head like winged pigs! :)

  9. Tch Tch you copy cats... :mj :mj :mj

    :mj is mine..Mine I tell ya :P :D

  10. @ Shadow
    U never need to bother about the technical stuff. You just have to look up and appreciate the design of it :)
    And may be you can use it for a while :D

    @ Choco
    We'll try to keep a more diplomatic stand on the MJ smiley, okay? :mj :D

  11. I really thought I commented yesterday...hmm. Anyway.

    I love it! As soon as I saw it, I made it my blog template. Thank you :).

    It made my inner template harlot go all gaga!

  12. haha i was looking for a template and just stumbled upon the perfect one. yours! thanks!

  13. i'm using it here


  14. You Penciling template looks awesome, buddy! Very creative you are! Kudos for the creativity!

  15. @Carpe Diem @misa~
    Its good to know you people found it in accord to your likes! Thanks for choosing Penciling :)

    @Darshan Chande
    Thanks for liking my work! And for the compliments :d

  16. I'm using the template too, it's great! Thanks! I've problem with the undefined post date... Can you help me?

  17. @ Svenn
    The undefined date is because of a wrong date format. This can be fixed very easily. Just check the documentation on the Penciling demo blog here. You can get answers for almost all of the basic troubleshooting out there.
    Good day! :)

  18. Read more ... does not work! Hope to fix it, thank you.

  19. @ Lin
    The template doesn't offer the 'Read More..' summary functionality for posts. But if u're in need, I'll try to add it asap. Stay tuned!

  20. @ Lin
    The 'Read More' functionality has been added now. You can download the updated template at the Penciling Blog

    To use post summary, put the part to be hidden between <span class="fullpost"></span> tags

  21. Thank you fix this problem, but this has many published articles may have to take a moment ...
    If you can use predefined tags it even more perfect.
    This is the most beautiful I've ever seen Blogger template.

  22. @ Lin
    The 'fullpost' class is most generally used and it is also in the blogger documentation, hence I preferred to use it. If you are using another tag, do let me know. Are you using the <span class="yourTag"></span> method itself?

  23. I'm using Blogger built [!--more--] tag, [] = <>, I am sorry, I will not show the code here.

    Now been changed to [span class = "fullpost"] [/ span] of this, have to rewrite the old article it.

    I mean, not like most of the same template, as long as the installation of all? Does not require any modifications.

  24. I love this Penciling template. What is so amazing about it is that I could easily change the fonts and colors of the text via the Blogger Template Designer. I haven't used any other customized templates that can do that. Also, thank you for explaining how to change the links. So many other customized templates are too hard for me to figure out the code. You kept yours looking neat and tidy so it's really easy to figure out. I really hope you make more templates!

  25. @ Lin
    Okay, now I got it! I'd made the template based upon older templates, hence the new feature wasn't supported. I'm sorry about it, and now it is all fixed.
    Download the new version at the Penciling blog

    You pointed out an important feature here, and thanks for you wonderful feedback!

  26. Thank you for your quick fix.

    Also I found, the search moves

    In IE8, a smile can not be used, so how do I delete it?

  27. @ Wendy
    Thanks a lot for your compliments. I just thought I'll leave the user the freedom to make changes to the fonts and colors, rather than being forced to use the default ones.
    I've tried to keep the code and documentation as simple as possible. Its great that you found it much usable. With motivation from people like you, I sure hope I'll be able to make more beautiful templates! :)

  28. @ Lin
    I wonder how the problem with the search bar was never noticed by anyone who used it! May be because its a much rarely used feature. I've corrected this slight glitch. You can get the updated template at the same link above.

    And, is it that the smileys are not showing up in IE? Most probably this is because javascript is disabled.

  29. Thank you! If I have found the problem returns.

    Also, I found Penciling here

    Maybe you can go to, or, more websites, more people use it.

  30. Very nice theme bro.. Awesome! :D

  31. @ Lin
    Yes, its already on btemplates too. I appreciate your feedback!

    @ Shaazz
    Thanks bro! :d

  32. hey .. i hope its okay for me to use the penciling template...i've been trying to find the coolest template but couldnt, until now. love this template ! thanks for sharing ! :party

  33. @ Dya
    :) Of course, fell free to use the Penciling template!
    Have fun.

  34. That's cool, I really love it! thanks for sharing! :O

  35. yes i use this template for my blog..thanks for sharing
    visit my blog

  36. I really like this layout. It's so nice. Thanks for making it public!

  37. thanks for this template!
    it gives me new mood to continue blogging...
    i really like it..yeah! (^_^)

  38. awesome template! :b
    thanks a lot for sharing ^_^ :O

  39. Hi I tried downloading the template, but it wouldn't work for some reason... is it blogspot friendly? please let me know~~~ I love it by the way!!!!

  40. @ flutterby
    Yeah, it is a blogger specific template. For now, it supports only blogger blogs! :)

  41. Just downloaded the file. Can't wait to get it running on my blog... love, love the smileys!! :e :r :L

  42. Hi, is it possible to add comment just like you have here and how? Thanks

  43. @ Nessa
    Hope the template cheers up your blogging mood! :e

  44. @ Sabrina Chen
    Please do refer to the Penciling template's documentation. Your question will be answered here, probably.

  45. Hi, I just started a blog using this template. I've had two issues so far. One is the top menu which is not flexible, I can only modify it manually in the template, the problem is the length for each link is fixed; if I give longer names, they would overlap and create a mess. Second issue is with the comment. It asks for verification code, yet the input line doesn't show, not to mention the "submit" button. I finally managed to find the input line and typed in the code, but no way I could make the "submit" button show. Is it me or there is a bug with this template? Thanks a lot for the help. This blog is for my children who want to write bakugan reviews and they can't wait:

  46. @ Sabrina Chen
    I appreciate your feedback. I had noticed the fixed width links earlier, the problem it might cause. Since you've reported it now, I've changed it to flexible length links. And I've made editing the links as simple and neat as possible. Hope that's not giving you much trouble!
    The comment form bug came up when blogger suddenly altered some design aspect of the comment form. I've fixed that too, now.

    The modified bug free template is uploaded in the Penciling blog. You can download it from the link in this post as well.
    Thanks for choosing Penciling :)

  47. I have a problem with the smileys panel at the comments section. It doesn't seem to show at all, even though the smileys work fine.

  48. heyy! thanks for making this!! I LVOE IT SOO MUCH! i'm using it right now (: (: (:

  49. Thank you!!! So, so, so beautiful! I'm using it right now. I only had problems with the box of the date, then delete. Sad... It was just what I was looking for. Perfect! Cute!

  50. ¡Amé esta plantilla! Ya la estoy usando en mi nuevo blog. ¡Muchas gracias! :-)

    I loved this template! I'm using it in my new blog now. Thank you so much! :-)

  51. @ All above
    Thank you all, for liking the template, and your wonderful compliments! You people make my day! :)

    @ Rummy
    Don't you worry. Some people seems to have this problem. I suppose its just some problem with your internet connection. Your readers will be able to view it just fine, unless they too have some problem with the connection, which actually happens only rarely!

  52. i am a new blogger.and i don't know how to make/edit the link for the tab at 'facebook'..'twitter' and 'about me'

  53. :mj :mj :mj Got 2 use dis for our new THZ concept!!! :mj :mj :mj

    Its good 2 c more than 10k bloggers using this theme... :party

  54. Hi,
    i love your penciling template :L and was thinking to change to this since im already bored with current one. :r
    Anyway, if you dont mind, can you kindly guide me on how make comments available for pages? Tried edit pages>post option>Reader Comments>Allow but didnt work. :f appreciate it immensely. TQ! :rainbow

    p/s: man, your smileys is super cute and fun to comment. :mj

  55. loves your template!! it's simple yet incredibly chic... the only thing is i'm not sure how to customize the font... would've preferred it to be a little softer and whimsical rather than boxy (and all in caps!). have installed it into my site and just loving the metamorphosis :)

  56. what an excellent penciling....marvelous... Just now i downloaded and start to use it...really excellent and i suggested it to all of friends and others...thanks for the great template

  57. Hello, I loved the watercolor background to this template, so i've used only the watercolor background and header on my blog. Is that alright?

  58. @ emily
    It is okay to use the images alone. But it'd be a good gesture from your part if you could link back to me mentioning the credits, say, in your blog's footer :)

  59. Done! Take a look:


  60. That's cool emily :)
    Good luck with blogging!

  61. A lovely template - thank you for this.
    Is it okay if I remove the smilie code? I'm not too crazy about smilies (any of them - not just these)

    Thank you again.

  62. i tried many times to make it has a reply comment button but i always failed. could you give a help? 8|

  63. Hi, I have a problem! The template doesn´t show the date... I´d changed all formats and nothing. And I've already set my comments embedded below post, but I don't see the smiley panel. What can I do? :(

  64. i alr used this template until last month. then change my blog template. but in the end, i'm back with penciling. penciling is just too awesome ><

  65. Thank you so much for sharing your template. I'm actually using it now after 3 days fo searching the right template for my craft site. Hope to see a 3 column version soon :k

  66. Thank you for sharing. I love and I've been using since forever

  67. i love this template :D
    thank you for sharing :D