graFighters - what if your notebook doodles came to life?

So here goes my latest awesome find on the interwebs : graFighters

The website describes itself as "The first online fighting game for your hand drawn characters". I think this alone will be enough to boost up the curiosity in all the doodle artists out there.
graFighters actually do make your doodles come to life. And what's more fun than seeing your fierce or cute doodle characters fight with others!

Getting started is quite simple. Just upload your character, trace out its hands, legs etc and the Cornelius algorithm would determine its powers.
Well, here are some snaps from my time in graFighters:

My first upload was et itself, although a rough version. But WTHell, he fights real well!

The fight with ManBearPig :D

et slays monsters! (Damage and Strength are the dominant powers of each)


New characters:
There are a bunch of creative characters in the place, and one can't help but create some equally awesome characters. So I made a few new ones ^_^

Ever imagined a dark version of et? Meet Arch et
Hm, may be I should use him in the comics.

Eagle eyes - because invisible characters would be blind if light went right through their retina :P

The below one is not a graFighter character. Many would recognize it as my current facebook display pic. Now you know the origin story of the evil eyes ;)

Note: I guess graFighters is currently open only for an invited few. Anyhow it should be publicly available soon enough.