Life with Chloé - a few snaps

Chloé moves on to her 8th week and beyond. She is enough self reliable for her age, yet never in lack of spontaneous rage mode (I should be doing a separate post about that alone!). She's not tiny anymore, yet not a big cat.

Here are some snaps of Chloé awesomeness. The pictures range from her 5th to 8th week and in no particular order, so you'll notice irregular changes in her growth.

I'm on *my* bed with *my* toys. What you lookin' at?

Fairy vampires and kittens sparkle in the sunlight

New blanket? Comfort:  tested OK.

MY cube

Yet another day of sleeping with the Rubik's cube for Chloé


  1. chloe is al grown n pretty!grt pics et :star

  2. funny
    :kitten !!!!!

    <3 <3 <3 <3 it!!!

  3. Nice click :) Your chloe is so cute :D Wish I could have a kitten like this!

  4. wew, so cute
    but I hate :kitten :D

  5. Oh my god Chloe is so amazingly adorable!! <3

  6. Oh et! She is so precious <3 ! Makes me wanna look you up next time I am in Kerala!

  7. @ Choco
    I've been thinking about you, since I first blogged about the kitten ^_^