Waves, Sand n Sun

Today I've been to the seashore. It's the Muzhapilangad beach, which is a famous drive-in beach in the whole of Kerala. I had company - my mom, dad and my partner in crime.. sis! There were bikes and cars running in both directions. C'mon.. you can't even run free without fear on such a beautiful beach?! I preferred the sea! It was great walking in it. I just felt like diving down into the water, but left the fun for yet another occasion. It's been so long, I had even forgotten the feeling of the sand flowing away from under the feet when the waves strike in..

Silhouette on Sand : Me n Sis

The pictures taken with my mob cam are too gloomy. I don't want to ruin the beauty of the place with that... hence the greyscale! :)

Walking to the Sun : My sis


  1. Heh. Have you seen my blog lately? I went to the beach on Monday and took a couple of pictures too.

    And it is nice to be on the beach with the family. :)

  2. A very pleasant view indeed:)Nice pics..keep up!

  3. @ Shadow
    I'm getting busy.. so has to cut off the time spent on blogging. Dats y not regular. Anyways i'm reading all the posts as i get time! :D

    @ Mr. Neo Beginning
    Yeah it was even more pleasant than in the pics! See ya around!

  4. Dude :) Finally a Keralite on the online sphere :)
    Well from Kerala and IN Hyderabad now :)
    And you're in kerala I guess.. enganai onde monai dear? :D

  5. @ Newbie Mommy
    Well, for your surprising info... there ARE more bloggers from Kerala and currently IN Kerala! :D
    Keep searching! :)

  6. Gee.. What was it someone said about so many miles to go before I sleep? And therefore, no time to wander off and search for more Keralite buggers :P


  7. geez! you make me SO jealous! ;)

  8. @ ramya
    Muah ha ha ha ha ha :v

  9. Wow. This place is teaming with more Keralites (Hrumphh) and your sis is not a baby. I remember her by her baby pics. Duh!

  10. Brilliant pictures! Muzhapilangad is among my favourite places to visit while in Kannur! I have thoroughly enjoyed the place every single time!

    I long to go to Kannur now, being originally from there! Its been an awefully long 5 years!

  11. Thante photography sammathichu Alliya! Maarakam!
    Keep 'em coming! This is only family pics when sober. I'm waiting when the 'true' photographer in you is 'awaken'.
    Only 19 rt? saaramilla Taime undu :)

  12. @ choco
    Think twice before writing the next sarcastic-post on mallus! beware!! :v
    Well, i'll say that she's still a baby. And together with her, me too! :D

    @ Rakesh
    Wow nice to meet more people from ma place out here! The beach is trruly an excellent place to rejoice!
    Cheers! See ya around :)

    @ DPhatsez
    Chettai!! Malayali aayirunnu alliyo!
    Aaa ennekkondu ithra okkeye pattu!! :O

  13. :e :e :e :e :e
    Love this smiley! & thanks for the reminder. One sarcastic post on Malus coming up real soon. I promise! :v

  14. I always envy those who live near the sea. I always have felt kinda drawn towards it! :)

  15. @ choco
    I love that smiley too :e Wow whoever made that smiley must be a genius! :O

    @ Vyazz
    Yeah.. drawwwwn! :D
    Du u have lakes there?... chalega!