Black Out!

et loved the SAW series. :)

But his friends sued him for that. :(

et loved zombies :L

His friends never did. :~

No place for black(colour), no place for darkness, no place for the vampires and goths..

Then, et met Dark Gal :O

Oww.. and she loved everything mentioned above!
et and dg became gud, gud friends. :h

And then, they together created a daaark blog.
Painted in black, decorated with cob webs; built up in The Attic template.

et was born on 18th; dg on 5th.
Both were engineers.
18 - 5 = 13
The blog release was due on 13.

et slept off that day.

Again, 18 + 5 = 23
Nobody slept this time.

And thus was released The Dark Thinker by et and dg on the 23rd of June, in the dark midnight.

Bats flew in.. zombies crawled in.. wolves howled across the blogosphere.
The Dark Thinker 's here..!
Game on!


  1. wow...a new blog eh? good luck...

  2. A new blog!!! Congrats..Looks more like the origins of the Adams Family! :)
    Will keep a wary eye on this one!
    Cursing you with luck!

  3. At last.... You have joined us o my young apprentice. Embrace the Dark side of the Force! Mwa ha ha ha ha ha!

  4. @ all
    tnks and cheers!

    @ Shadow
    Yes o lord.. let the evil domination plans begin!