Wishing U the best B'day...

Thinking of birthdays.. someday before I came across a lovely website specialized in making cakes! Yummy ha?! You must be thinking about all those cupcakes and birthday cakes you have seen. But this is something more. They have a wonderful collection of custom made cakes, and is always ready to make the special cake for your occasion! :D

So what's so special about custom made cakes? You have to see a bunch of 'em for this. See how skillfully have they made those cakes and decorated them...

Oh! I loved the Google cake! Check more cakes at pinkcakebox. Zoom into see the attention they have given to even the slight details.

So enough cakes for the sweetest birthday, alright?
Enjoy another delicious year of your life!!

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  1. Hey cool blog! Loved this post. Just love good cakes. My personal fav is the ones "Cookie Jar" in Kolkata makes.