My ubuntu Apps 3 : Back to the Windows

Well you were enjoying the beauty and power of Ubuntu after you dumped aside your M$ installation, right? Or, are you?
Windows miss lots of Ubuntu functionality, but it's a fact that Ubuntu too miss something you may get easily in Windows. I plan to make a separate post on that. Anyways, for now, I'll talk about some ubuntu apps which will give us some feel of Windows and some usefulness.

#1 Wine Windows Wine-doors
Just think, what all Windows apps would you still like to be run inside ubuntu? Well you may even feel hopeless about some of the bigger programs. But ubuntu has the solution. And that is.. Wine, for Windows. Install wine, and no more talking.. just install your Window apps and run them.. don't even doubt! For my experience I've installed Flash 8, and run many simple exe's! And I even played Grand Theft Auto!(But no trainer hacks!). Wine-doors is associate of Wine. It enables you to download the top rated Windows applications and install them in ubuntu. And the best part is.. You can fool them saying "I do have a Windows Genuine license". Windows and genuine! Lot more a joke.

terminal commands:
sudo apt-get install wine
sudo dpkg -i wine-doors_0.1-1_all.deb

Wine doors is still not the complete solution. Lets discuss it later!

Wine in action: See it's flash player and Photoshop installer on Ubuntu!
+ I made that flash movie.. my first one

#2 Oh!I can't mount anymore!

Install Ubuntu. Configure your music player with all those huge playlists. Set a photo from D: drive as the Ubuntu wallpaper.
Make shortcuts for your favourite folders on the desktop or top panel. All done.. ha?!
Now.. restart Ubuntu.

Watch out!

You see the blank ubuntu desktop. No custom wallpaper!
You are pale to see the favourite folder shortcuts as invalid locations!
Finally you take the music player.. and.. no Music!

:( you are sad!

You feel really bad..
Like i felt..

And then.. you figure out. Your hard disks have not been mounted yet. You double clicked on them, mounted, and everything is back! :)


It happens again, the very next reboot. You mount again, again, and obviously.. again! Somebody praised Windows?
So tell me now what you want.. yeah I hear.. wanna auto mount the hard drives?

One simple solution: Pysdm

terminal command:
sudo apt-get install pysdm

Type pysdm in terminal to run. One time configuration, and the rest part is clear!
If you are asked for any root privileges..

terminal command:
sudo su
Type in your user password, and yippee.. you are root!

So well, try 'em. :)
Happy computing. :)


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