One thursday at home

Today I didn't go to my college. This fever is a very irritating thing. Anyway I decided to watch WallE...

WallE was awesome!
It's such a cute movie I saw after Kunfu Panda . It was beautiful in every aspect. The animations and character design were excellent. And the story, was such sweet! It was a wonderful mix of entertainment.

caution:story ahead !!
WallE features the future after 700 years. The humans had left the earth and living their ultra modern life in a massive space shuttle arrangement. WallE is left on the earth with other forbidden things, where the robot finds it's own world of fun. It is then the robot Eve is sent to earth for recovering evidence of life. And the awesome part is, WallE falls in love with Eve! But Eve had to return after she found the little plant preserved by WallE. The adventure begins when WallE manages to get into the space vehicle which took back Eve. Filled with lots of funny and exciting events, WallE helps humans to come back to earth and restore their normal life. And his love is fulfilled as well!
the end

A must watch!

Watch some nice shots from WallE the movie:


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