BSN-hell !!

Today has been a really nice day with BSNL!
It was a total screwed up state today morning when i tried to access the web. When i typed in and mozilla loaded, there goes.. redirection to a bsnl site! All the site and every search redirected to this same site! And what it said.. " You have exceeded the 1GB limit. Please login to continue". Alright, if so.. let us login. Then came the real heck. No ID or password accepted! So what you plan to do in this situation ha?

The site is of this address: Re-direct here!

You noticed the url?
Portal.war? Like they are waging war with the customers ha?(Sorry I don't know what it actually means!) :P

Cute ha?!! So thinking how I posting this now? Hmm.. it got well around a 5.00 or 6.00 int he evening. So dudes, I have torrent downloads tonight too. What if this happens again??

Or is it some phishing site??
Not just me has experienced it, but this was hot topic at the broadband forums too!
They talk of some alert system and all. Well, alert system is okey. But why should it keep rejecting our login ha?!

Hell with BSNL!

* I have a Home 500c plan, for your reference.
* Not all sites redirect! We can load https sites like addons.mozilla, yahoo login page etc.

* It happened again! I am so damned!
* I am currently blogging from H's computer through Remote desktop! Thanks teamviewer.
~ H, you don't need a thanks ha?! :)

EDIT #2:
* Well the net is up again, for now.. :P
* Information from the India broadband forums tells that this so called 1GB-exceed-limit phenomenon is likely to happen 1st of every month! Goddammit!
* Check the forum here


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