Meowy X'mas!

So, my sister made a sweet little Xmas hat for el kitten, ChloƩ ^_^

Wishes to all you folks out there!

Apparently, the only time the hat is going to stay there


  1. Ha ha ha. That's cute.

    I got a rather big shock today when my un-neutered cat Kiki was found outside this evening for God knows how long. She escaped through an open window and I might get kittens soon!

    Damn those tom cats!

  2. Meowy New Year to you and your family in adv Et :)

    My cat used to sleep like this; grabbing his tail. Sometimes, if the room were too bright, his tail would be over his eyes. Then he would shiver in his sleep, stretch, turn away from the light and grab his tail and sleep. Just like that! :)

    Choco :mj

  3. We generally let cats out. Although mine prefers to stay indoors mostly.

    So the best bet not to have kittens is get them neutered. To an extent, it also depends on the cat's dispositions. I had a cat which had kittens twice, and another which never even looked at a tom cat for the time she was with us.

  4. @ Choco
    The grabbing-tail one is only just one among Chloe's numerous (normal and weird) sleeping positions ;)

    Well, this one goes well with the hat :D