The Picnic Update!

For last one month the college life has been all the same with long journeys, lunches, bunking and all those usual stuff(I meant in a BROAD sense). A refreshment was adequate. And what makes things different in a fast paced college life..when sports day, fine arts day and all better things are over. Yeah! and thus we all came up with the idea of a pick-nick. Hmm anyway there is no free lunch. The main work was fixing the location.
The plans we made during discussion

All discussions diverted to one final answer- the Great Wayanad- the land of forests. After this primary task the rest of the procedure went like a wind. Almost all guys and girls of the class was willing. Collecting names, collecting money, booking tourist bus, taking permission from department(oh my!), getting necessary staff(nay not stuff!)..all were completed with good team spirit. It was a 24hrs plan- to start from college at 2.00 am on March 1, and reach back within 24 hrs.All!

The departure
For the first time in my life, I found a tour starting with very punctual timing- a pin pointed 2 'O clock!
I placed myself in the perfect seat. But god..that was a great start- I had to(painfully) give my perfect seat to two of the gent staff coming with us; our instructors at electrical lab.Fine, who cares? Nobody was in place once the Muuusic started!! Rap, pop, rock and everything nice to shake to the ground. Ooh! I was just rocking all over little space. Boys n girls moved with the beats. We were at a fully loaded state then!
After all the great exercise, people were back in there seats. The fun wasn't over yet. One of the most enjoyable things in bus was proving our artistic skills on our friend's face, when he's dead asleep! Pranks went on like that and at some point everyone floated into dreams...(except poor driver!)
Oh! I started sleeping exactly when Koi mil gaya was put on the tv..

1st spot- a flop! :(
I don't know whether it was fault in our planning or the irresponsibility of the bus staff, or the lack of proper information, that we could only rest some minutes at the first checkpoint called Tholpetti. It was a trip in open jeeps along the forest area watching deers, elephants and all in close proximity. When we reached there at some 9.00 am, the authorities said to come back at 3.00 pm! Fine we saw an elephant a large cut-out placed there! And yeah deers too-dotted ones- this in real ;).We walked on the dry fallen leaves there sooo silently that all the deer ran away with their good lives!

2nd spot- get rid of your sins here!
Yeah the Thirunelli temple..and the papanashini..which is believed to have the power to wash away your sins. Considering the sins I committed, I just washed my hands(enough no?). And
like god's decision some people(not me) actually slipped and fell into the small water body getting rid of all their sins :D. We got prasadam from the temple.
It was very relaxing.

3rd checkpoint -real trial of your sins!!
I understood why everyone didn't slip into the papanashini pool. At this 3rd spot- the Kuruva island- we had to cross 8 rocking rivers all through little rocks across them, which were totally discontinuous and irregular, and some extremely slippery! We were put in the island in small boats..and the rest was like a video game; in which we play the very unlucky character. Almost everyone slipped at different points and got all soaked up in river water. People who went hand-in-hand as a chain could fall as a chain too! Guys(yeaH including mee!) pretended we were really enjoying the thing and shouted to girls "Wow! what an adventurous trip!", while secretly praying "God! Not another river!". I just couldn't note the guy who, at the third river, said "Lol! there are 10 more to go!".After all the game we got a bonus level- a 20 minutes(or more?!) walk through the forest with half the health and half the life remaining, to reach back to the bus. Rocking yaar! Seriously that was adventurous!!

Almost The end
The Edakkal caves! These caves are set high on a hill and we have to walk a long way up and then climb through a longer way. The road way up had a slope greater than 45 degree! And imagine how we walked all the along road. then it was the climbing session. Vertical hill, almost vertical steps to climb. Many extremely adventurous girls stopped climbing up at the half and started climbing down. Me and remaining brave people climbed to the top. Inside the caves we could see a fabulous cleavage between two huge part of rocks and carvings done by some ancient kings and all. actually there was a guide calling us eagerly to explain all about the history of the caves. I somehow managed to escape him. The climbing down was also not an easy task. The earth seemed to pull us down with much anger. Our limbs were too much tired balancing us against the downward pull. Finally we all reached down and fell on the seats dead!

And the floppy floppy ending note:
It was a movie planned during our return. I completely disagreed with the idea because the movie was Cycle which i already watched last week; and it was not worth a 2nd time, especially when we have to take the ticket with an extra money other than that collected for the picnic. Anyway I had to yield to the majority vote. I started sleeping with the movie. Anyway i managed to wake up for sometime during interval when I could see the trailer of Rambo returns thing. And i continued sleeping the next half too :).

So..we arrived back at 3.00 am(25 hrs-Gone in 60 Minutes!). Everyone said goodbye and went to their hideouts, after planning for a Mass-cut of classes on the next day.

Review is what you read above! Anyway in conclusion the picnic satisfied it's purpose- a refershment, a mass-bunk on next day, and lots of adventure. I'll try to get the photos soon!


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