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Here's a little math trouble originally put forward by my sister and brought from her tuition class. The objective of this little game is simple. First you take integers starting from 1. Take three of the same number.

Like this: 1 1 1

Now use any functions between them, so as to make out an answer of 6!
Hey there are rules..! You CAN'T USE any other number in multiplication or division or addition and subtraction as well. And be sure you DON'T USE square root or cube root or any 'n'th root. Feel free to use any other functions!

Now the game is meant for numbers up to 9. Well if you are Einstein or some sort of ultra genius, just work your way up! :D

A little example for any confusions you may have in this:

Considering 6 itself..

6 + 6 - 6 = 6 :)

Answers in next post.. and as I myself workout!


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