Tale of the spiral head

Here's the story of how the little white character, the blog, and the comic came into being. 

The one above, may be called the first ever digital representation of et. Well, he was not 'et' when this picture was made; he was just nameless.
So, after numerous doodles of et in notebooks during my bored-to-death college hours, I draw him on the computer. The way he sits, the way he looks, everything was either a whim or almost accidental.

That was a time when I was looking out for a sensible name for my blog(I had almost given up after giving weird names like 'The smiling firefly'. Now seriously, what does that even mean?!). And then I sit and look at this character who is carried away in his own world of thoughts. Right then the right name came to my mind. That's it - the eternal thinker.

We have a name now. I was thrilled. But soon I looked back at the character and realized that he was still nameless. This is the one who inspired the name Eternal Thinker. Suddenly I picked up the first two letters of these words and gave him a name: et.

Identity crisis
Now you see that et is one original character with one original name. Nevertheless he had to face a lot of difficulties in establishing his individuality. et reminds everyone of the extra terrestrial, of course. And together with his alien-like looks, our et lost a major part of his originality.

Extra Terrestrial and Eternal Thinker

But et somehow was catching up. He was defining his own place on Earth. Then came the deadly blow.

The Killing Joke

Zoozoo came a year after et. But et still wasn't a brand icon. The awful result - severe loss of identity.
I have this et-made-of-egg thing on my desk, presented by my sister. After vodafone introduced their own fair white character, people would look at this craft and say, "Hey where you got that zoozoo from?!". 

After all
And after all, et found his amazing place in comics. It was a nice deviation. et now starred in a web-comic which is even named after him - et On Fire.
Hopefully the nightmares of identity crisis isn't haunting him much, in this new world of fun. I've set him free by establishing it as an independent webcomic, rather than a secondary section of this blog.
et is on his journey forward. Join him in the discussions, encourage him and wish him good luck. :)

See the very first of et goodies >>
* et window logon screen
* first et wallpaper
* first et wallpapers - more blood!

PS: Today I included transcription in the et comics, where you people can help out in making the comic better. Take a look at it here and see how it works.


  1. Got the answer for the question i thought to ask you.. All the best et..

    et my favorite...!!! :L

  2. :)

    Way to go et. I love that blog. Always have. Hope it goes places. Did not understand much of the transcription thing. Will go through that again later.

    :e :mj :i :b :v

    Ohk. Needless to say I like the above smilies! :)

  3. @ Choco
    You seem to be hopelessly in love with those smileys ;)
    The transcription thing, its just that U help to make a comic searchable by adding the actual text for it. See the example in that explanation of transcription.

  4. I am a huge ET fan... and hence this post def takes place in my 'week's fav' on my blog :)

  5. It is wonderful that your et character HAS a proper history. Remember it well when you go a multi-national-billionaire soon.
    et as your mascot, capish? :)

    [or in politics.... 'BELIEVE in et'] Wargh! I overdid myself!

  6. @ Shadow
    "Think with et. Keep the faith!"
    Thanks for the awesome ideas shadow :O

  7. The first time you visited my blog...I responded to your comment by replying that your name 'et' reminds me of my very close friend 'ET'....Mind the capitals..so your identity still remains :-P

    I loved your description of the conception of the blog, et and the eternal thinker....:-) Keep up!!

    Let me try to change my Windows Logon screen now :-D

  8. @ Insignia
    Oh that's nice of u - being concerned about the identity. :) The conception was all so a sudden process!
    And lemem know when your logon screen changes (its an old try though)

    @ Matangi Mawley
    Hey welcome to et's place, pal. U patched thru raphael, i see? :i
    Anyways expecting u more around here!

  9. Oh! So that was how et came into existence!!
    Even I'm bored to death in the college.. xP
    People are so stupid that they cannot differentiate between things and their look-alikes. They think that if they don't have the creative skill, neither do anybody around them does!
    Anyway, I can go on and on describing people's stupidity.
    And the et character is cool! 8)
    Way to go et! Will always be supporting you. ;)

  10. @ Enigma
    You shouldn't criticize people too much! :O
    Somebody somewhere will be doing the same, where he/she includes us too in the 'stupid' people's brigade. :)

    Oh, and it feels so good when one more person understands and give the support! Thanks-a-lot :D :tone

  11. Oh sorry, I forgot to mention 'some' in the bracket. It was supposed to be (some) people are so--.
    Yes, I do not deny the fact that even I show signs of stupidity every now and then, but considering it while regarding others' interest is a different story.
    Sorry, criticizing people was not my intention. Sorry for mentioning it in a wrong way.

  12. @ Enigma
    Its okies! I understand you :)

  13. I got to know about your blog through Enigma.

    It's r*eally a great blog. :) Unique and Nice. :et

    Will be dropping by more often. :h

  14. @ Ankita
    Welcome to teh blog! :)
    Thanks for your sweet words, and hope to see you around in the bloggerhood! :rainbow