Everything has a first time

When I finally got hands on my own computer around 4 years ago, I hardly knew even how to change my wallpaper! But I couldn't help starting to mess with Adobe Flash, this magnum opus piece of software. Well, lets just say it had its side effects ;)

Aaand here comes.. The Mission, which is the first flash animation movie I ever made! Yay! I swear it wasn't meant to be a funny cartoon, but never mind, you won't believe anyway. Just see how naïve and superficial it is. Without much intro, take a look at the 4 years old crazy weird stuff. I assume no guarantee if it makes you go mad and insane. And I hope this doesn't prevent you from coming back to my blog ever again ;)

Further Thoughts
This movie was made out of the sudden motivation I had after I figured out how to add music in a flash movie(back then).
It was amusing to go through this noob work of mine. Its source is implemented in a way I'd straightaway call stupid at present.
I remember that I drew the dialogues with hand just because I didn't know then that I could actually type in the text. Imagine that!
Also, all of the movie is done frame by frame, without any automatic transitions and it surprises me now that how much patience I had then.
I guess you would have noticed the really weird play and pause(which appears as a stop) buttons. Those were added when I learned for the first time how to make buttons.
And you may also notice that there's a a vague sync in the animation and the background music, which I can't remember now was intentional or accidental!

Okay now, which is your favorite scene in The Mission? My personal favorite is where the guy swings the axe from his one hand to the other :P


  1. For a first timer, I must say that was pretty amusing!

    The best part of the animation, definitely the axe swing. :O

  2. Awesome! I liked the way the axe flies to his hand actually! :)

  3. @ quartertiinsane
    Why, thank you! :D
    Keep visiting for more awesome stuff ;)

  4. @ Enigma
    So you see, this is how you get started with flash :O
    When I made this, i had little idea about computers in general. You have better knowledge now, and so you should be making something real better :)

  5. @ Insignia
    Thank you Insignia! :h
    But I was hoping that someone would vote for the final jump he makes using the red stick. :P

  6. :r Nice One!

    I also liked the red stick swirl. :D

  7. 2nd stage he was facing rajanikanth i guess. Broke a sword wid d stick. lol!!! its kewl for the starters. I loved d BGM

  8. @ Ankita
    Red stick swirl, oh yeah.. true physics :D

  9. @ DuDo
    But how can Rajnikanth be defeated so trivially. I'd suggest you rather consider the hero as Rajnikanth, taking into account the jump to the boss's stage ;)

  10. I am using one of your templates called "Penciling" the Date Header does not work and I have already followed the steps as you explained before. Is there anything else I can do to make it work?:f
    Thank you for the hard work!:)