A Very Simple Game 2

Right after publishing A Very Simple Game, the idea for a sequel took shape in my mind. Now, this happened four complete years ago. I wanted to make the sequel a much better one, but the hectic undergrad life never gave me enough creative space and time to work on it.

After the four year black-out, I'm simply back with the sequel I dreamed of. What matters most is that it is done now. An idea, blooming and swirling in my head for a long time has finally materialized, that too the best way it could've happened. I can feel the lightness inside my right brain :)

And folks, here comes..

Update: Here's the Walk-through for A Very Simple Game 2! ^_^

May be the long gap was for the good, as I said in the last post.
The day my academic formalities in college was over, I was staying up late at night in the Internet - chatting, reading, thinking whether I should start working on the game. At this point, by some magnificent coincidence, Ryan's (of smart-kit online puzzle games) email popped up in my inbox asking the same thing (something he did a number of times during the four years). He hadn't entirely given up on pushing me to make the sequel  (you can see him mentioning it under the game, in the description).
And so the AVSG2 project was scribbled down in my to-do list. :)

More about the game in coming posts. Now it's time for a satisfied good night's sleep. :)
Meanwhile, let me know your impressions, suggestions, and even fan-arts ;)


  1. Its been a long time since i played a simple game and a beautiful music. Thanks man! :) Its awesome! :)

  2. @Shahbaz
    Thank you bro :)
    Do make it through all the levels and check out the end credits.
    There's some fun parody in that ;)

  3. Bro, stuck at the pink level, Daisy (Alice in wonderland) :(

  4. @ shahbaz
    I had some trouble with that too..but if you look at the patterns on their heads closely, you'll see that one of them has more "petals" on its head...good luck! :)

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