The Game of Marienbad

When you watch the 1961 French movie Last year at Marienbad, don't bother trying or Googling to find its actual storyline. Apparently, it's not made to have an accurately interpretable storyline.

Apart from this, what captured my curiosity after watching this film is the game they play many times in the movie. It is mostly between M and X, and sometimes with M and other people. M always wins. But do we actually have a chance to beat M? See for yourself in the Game of Marienbad I've made, inspired from the movie :)

You can play two slightly different versions of the game. The original version or the neat version.
The neat version is nothing but the game with words like 'dammit' edited out. If that doesn't hurt, you can go with the first one itself :). The neat version edits were meant for small kids playing the game.

Let me know if you could beat M!


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  2. I did it (beating M), that was not that hard & of-course the game was fun.