No song unsung, No wine untasted

It seems like facebook has finally extended its long blue grips into my blogging life. 

Blogs have been deserted and left to die when twitter and facebook came in, tapping out each idea and each photograph as and when they occured, leaving nothing to be shared in the blog. 

I may argue that there is more to blogging, that there is something special about how ideas transpire in a blogpost in a way that cannot be recreated in any social network.. But it would sound ironical when I finally share this blogpost in facebook and twitter :P

I am out of my free times at home and the freelance works I used to do. My dear cat Chloé is now a mom. A responsible mom I should say. Concerned about her kid, losing her sleep and appetite.

Many photos of Chloé since her childhood has been shared in this blog. Yet there are a few good ones I've saved till now. These were taken during the times we spent together, completely free of any major responsibilities. These were also the times when I practiced with my new camera in hopes of capturing some good Chloé-moments. The understanding cat that Chloé is, her cooperation in this venture was as good as the cooperation of Hitler in improving the life condition of Jews.

Nevertheless, some Chloé moments :)

The Terrace Photoshoot

Mistress of palm leaves..


Who is winning the fight?

But where do I get that much dynamite ??

The House Yard Photoshoot

Possibly one of the best photos of Chloé. This one was, indeed, captured with a lot of patience and at the cost of a scratch on my hand. Because in this photo, the thing she's targetting to attack was.. me!

Smell of the wild :P


Perfect time for a completely relaxed nap? YES.
This photo was taken just before I left home to join my first job (although I joined a different company in the end). The bed was crowded with suitcases, travel bags and lots of other stuff. There was the last minute hurry, a bunch of uncertainties, and enough stress looming in the air.
And then came Chloé, casually walking into the room. She lept on to my blanket, pawed the Rubik's cube, and was soon closing her eyes for a completely peaceful sleep.
This is one thing I love about her. We will be thinking up a lot of possiblities regarding our future, letting the pressure take on us. But watching Chloé being so cool amidst all of this was very relaxing. Suddenly all the tension and worries seem to be pointless. She keeps reminding me that worry is indeed imagination misplaced ^_^

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  1. its so cute :) love the pic when she is attacking you and the one on the bed!!!