Where you could go all crazy and yet blend in perfectly

Comic Con Express Bengaluru edition happened on September 8th and 9th, 2012.
This has been my first experience at a comic con, and it has been as colorful as expected. And there has been a lot more crowd than expected.

It is a pleasant feeling to know that so many people keep their minds open to the lines, colors, and the imaginary worlds they create. At one point comics fans were flowing in such large numbers so that even a queue formed outside the entrance. There was all varieties of comic artists and stalls. Collectible bobble-heads shared part of the awesomeness with (an overload of ) creative t-shirts.

There were serious artists, mysterious ones, simple ones, and the humble and friendly ones. It has been a joy ride to talk to the bunch of them. The ongoing cosplay contest resulted in real life cartoon characters roaming all around the venue. There was Batman, Catwoman, and Spiderman. Then there was also Velma, Daffny, and Rorschach who brought along his baby :)

Okay, picture time.

Wolver Anna - mutants Indianized

The complete Comic Con Bengaluru art. Click for better resolution

Yes that's right! Throwable knives, removable hat, AND the V-dialogues playback

Desi digital art :D

Alicia Souza, a really awesome illustrator, just got awesomer as she starts drawing cat stuff!

Got hold of Auto Pilot, Book #1. Trivia: This work is done by three guys from Kerala

For the hardcore cricket fans

A cartoon by Mario Miranda. Nice treatment of theme and colors

My friend trying out the Wacom

There were some unique art styles all over the place

See the big picture ? (It's a girl)

Bonus: A witty ad board at the entry

-- fin --


  1. Hey et..M new to your blog :)
    Loved everything!!Way to go!!Super Talented!! :tup

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