xScribble is our final year mini project. It is the result of us wanting to create a project which is simple, cute, and moreover, which can be actually used by everyone.

xScribble is a Googletalk client which enables graphical chat functionality. Two users in a chat session can draw on a common canvas simultaneously. This is an attempt at making the on-line conversations more expressive and productive.

Now the Internet chats are going to be colourful, fun, and creative with this simple application.

Scribble Gallery
Version review

Download and try the alpha version today!


Windows XP/Vista/7 installer 9.7MB xScribble_1.0.0_alpha.exe
DEB for Ubuntu, and other Debian distros 13.7 MB xScribble_1.0.0_alpha.deb
Compressed archive, for all Linux distros 13.9 MB xScribble_1.0.0_alpha.tar.bz2

Scribbles Gallery
xScribble provides a save function using which you can save your scribbles. Send in the interesting and crazy scribbles you made with your friends, and get featured in the scribbles gallery.
Send in your entries to rahulanand.fine At gmail dot com.
Put your(and optionally your friend's) name in the mail's content and keep the subject as Scribbles Gallery entry.

xScribble is still in its alpha version. This means that it only incorporates the minimal functionality for a Gtalk client.
As most of the effort has been spent on developing the graphical chat, it still needs improvements as a chat client. Send in your feedback about the most necessary features to be added, about general improvements, and also about the bugs that you encounter while using the program.
Your feedback will help us provide a better software in the next version upgrade.
Important: Check the missing features in this test version in the version review below. Some of the notable missing features are listed, along with the priority with which they shall be worked upon. Let me know your feedback on the same - any further features or how badly you need a certain feature to be implemented in the next version. 

xScribble main window

xScribble canvas

Version Review

Version 1.0.0 alpha [current]
Missing features (in approximate decreasing priority):
* Login with a busy status of "Scribbling in Colors". Can change status text, but not the status type (available, invisible etc)
* Ability to remember username, password etc yet to be implemented
* Cannot view offline buddies
* Do not show buddy avatars
* Do not support group chat
* Do not support file transfers, voice chat or video chat

Enjoy scribbling!