Knock Knock.. College fest..

 I took charge of the technical exhibition by Computer science batch. There were pretty less number of items. There was a LAN competition of Need For Speed Most Wanted. Then it was all about softwares. Lets see some of them:
VirtualBox was the first item of exhibition. Actually I needed to tell you about this before, when I installed it in my own system. We used it in Ubuntu for the demo. It was running Windows XP in Ubuntu. We can do even the converse. The basic thing is we set up a virtual computer system in the host OS.
The thing is very useful when you want to try any new distros without any partitioning of your harddisk. Some little problem about virtualization is that it can use up a lot of your RAM, which is obvious and it is none of a problem to the new generation computers which comes with a minimum of 2GB RAM.

See details on installing virtulbox in Ubuntu here

And don't miss to watch some screenshots of installing Windows XP in Ubuntu Hardy (by me!)

Another interesting thing I came to know was the gOS. It's a Google widgets and services based operating system which comes all preloaded with many Google gadgets and easy links to web services even in the live CD. This is handy whenever we have to use a new system and is facing tough time configuring all our favorite web services. Google helps us port our every documents and schedules over the web and provides access to it anywhere in the world. gOS just makes it even easier!

Then there was this ManyCam software which enables cool effects on out webcam videos. It presents an amazing face recognition and eye detection technology. Simple awesome!

Download manycam


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