Stamp for all!

So here's the latest release from et....... et-stamps!
I have designed four little stamps featuring the thinking et.

Below them are the embed codes you can use to put et on your blog or site!

For embedding them in your blogger sidebar:
*Go to your blogger dashboard
*Select Layout
*Select Add a Page Element in your side bar section
*Select HTML/Java script
*Paste the desired embed code from below... and Yippee!

Put the et stamp!
"Think Beyond Imagination..


  1. Nice.......

  2. let me put your stamp to my blog!! check this out! (by the way..why smileys couldn't show in my post..(just in comments!!)

  3. I'm only getting a blank square instead of a stamp...

  4. @ Catrien
    I just checked all the embed code code below. It seems to be working. Make sure you've copied the entire code, and it should neatly work for you too! :)
    Thank you for sharing the et-stamp!

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