And here's a post on the random entertainments that came up in the last few days..!!

47 - The Silent Assassin is back!
So.. I started playing Hitman 4 Blood Money! It's amazing. The role of the professional killer- agent 47- is more enjoyable than ever before. There's a lot of features - from various new moves for the character to well built environments to an interesting ingame story! Go to the Hitman Blood Money official website, fall in love with No. 47!

And watch this trailer of the game. Killing has never been this much fun before!

Tweets from college
One word - I was selected the Association Secretary of the Computer Science Department of my college. There's no big deal though. It's more idle than being an average student in OUR college!"Why me?!", I exclaimed while replying the Union secretary's phone call that evening.
"Just that everyone suggested you. You're selected."
You don't know, I hate politics in MY college. Every administrative task is under the control of this political union. Now what. I was taken to a room filled with Che guevara snaps the next day. I gave my nomination. And there's probably no one else for competition. Hence I'm practically in charge from now on. Let's see et revolutionizing the stagnant computer science department of gcek.. (NEVER!)

I just love to make paper-planes at college :)

Watchmen movie is released! Ha! I'm talking like a person who knows everything about Watchmen. Thanks to Twitter and again, the Twitterfox plugin. Some tweets can be real informative. One fine day people were all tweeting about this Watchmen movie, and eventually I came to know that it's the movie version of a super duper comic series. Then someone said "People who watch Watchmen movie without reading the comic should be burned alive!". Ooh.. so I decided to read the comic.

I downloaded all the 12 issues and then found that it's some strange .CBZ format. A small research showed that it's a format specific for graphic novels, and I found this Ubuntu software to read them conveniently. It's called comix.
To install comix in Ubuntu, simply use this terminal command..

sudo apt-get install comix

Hmm and the comic is interesting. I see a potential chance that I may go more into graphic novels. 
And there are lot more comic actions coming to the screen.. including Spiderman 4 and the Avengers!

Next Friday is not your lucky day.
As a matter of fact, you have no lucky day this year!


  1. congrats at becoming the fine arts secretary [or whatever!] at ur computer sci dept! ah well, our union room is s similar sight. Che snaps and a huge photograph of our own martyred comrade Ashraf.
    u at tly engg colg?

  2. Congrats Et. Secretary of your college affairs something, huh? not a bad start at all :)

    I keep hearing bout twitter. Have never tried it. I personally prefer facebook. Games, chat, private mssges, public mssgs-whts there not to like? :)

  3. @ Raphael
    no way! i'm at gce kannur!! :D
    hmm.. reading blogs between exams?
    and u see.. my paper plane! :D

    @ chocoz
    i'm just lazy with dislikes n all! all are time-killers basically..eating up our otherwise creative time!
    twitter is not that social netwrkin thing.. try it n u'll know! :)

  4. good luck for the new journey...don't hate politics man..after all it's fun...!!! would be really nice if you could enjoy power with out hypocrisy......

  5. Hi .. you hav a pretty nice blog.. would you like to contribute to . if interested pls send your blogger id to us.

  6. @ zen
    u'll hate politics with the events gong on over dis area.people killing each other for this reason..

    @ anonymous
    i checked the site. it's interesting.i'd like to join.. my blogger id is at the About Me link at top! :)

  7. Nice post!

    Yeah, am an engineer!
    Unique, just like everyone else!

    So, WriteUp cafe huh?
    Good to see you there! :)
    Keep writing! :)

  8. you should read Woody Allen's writings...

    you know et,people will kill each other....if there is no politics then they will find out some other way to kill people!!!

    so,enjoy politics..everything is imperfect at the end...but does it mean that we should stay far away from

  9. Umm.. tempting!
    But i think i'll recoil to the whole lot of other-things i got to do :)
    I don't enjoy something means.. it's kinda tuff making me 'like' that.Like.. can u believe I don't enjoy cricket at all?!

  10. CRICKET !!!!!!!!!!! I hate cricket

  11. zen..i can't access your blog :(