She makes me so Purr..fect!

Chinnu - the first cat in my life. And the one my changed my heart to love cats forever.

The second one - naughty naughty Snowpie. The one that almost swayed me against having cats ever again.

The friendly neighborhood mommy cat


  1. :):):)
    This post warmed up my heart.

    I was missing Pooffy like crazy today. Watching this movie in Star Movies called "The Year Of The Dog" was what triggered it all.

    I keep seeing these 2 white tiny puppies on my morning walk. They came running to watch the newspaper walla this morning from their building. They were too small to attack him:)So wanted to take a snap but my mobiles cam has gome kaput :(

  2. puppies! that's so cute!! :) :)
    k try to get a snap sooN!
    and pooffy was u'r cat nah?

  3. hi
    nice post sorry about chinnu
    this islife. like the blog .

  4. my cat sleeps on the dvd player..she thinks she is controlling the entire kingdom!!!....I love dogs more but...I don't like birds...

    so,gud to see somebody wid the same taste out there ..:)

  5. @ zen
    yeah! homely cats have got that ATTITUDE!
    so pet lovers all around!

  6. Yes. Pooffy was my baby. You must've seen his slideshow on my blog.