An evening of Chirps

Thus occurred the 1st ever tweetup at Kannur !
Today, April 4th 2010, marked the beginning of tweetups (or twitter meet) in my district, ie, Kannur. The meeting was held at the beautiful spot of Kannur lighthouse near the Payyambalam beach.
The simple occasion was attended by 8 Tweeple around the place. As for me, I could also meet two of my blogger/online buddies in real for the first time. :)
We sat around discussing a few intellectual things, thus for two hours, at the end of which we had plans for more, fully featured tweetups with a lot of twitter guys and girls around.

I'm in the middle Woooo!


  1. Hey gr8 to c u ppl organised a tweetup!!! hope u guys had fun :e. Shravan was talkin abt it!! U in d Middle ;P nice

  2. yay! hope for mo' tweet-ups. and hope the next one has an easier timing so i can attend too!!

    and omg, u ARE skinny eh?

  3. You guys take tweeter so seriously :) I don't have much to talk to my facebook friends too.

  4. @ DuDo
    Yeh. There was a even a guy around there who reminded me of YOU! What more can we have? :O :P

    @ Raphael
    And get more tweeples.(as in, Girls? ;) )
    Hmm what to do everything I eat is being converted into intelligence mostly :p

    @ Shadow
    The celebration makes it a beeg thing!
    And I wonder why then they are your facebook *friends*. I dunno, FarmVille? :i

  5. Wow... R u also a Kannurain?! :)
    I get very emotional and dramatic when (even virtually) I meet somebody from Kannur!

    BTW, this is a fellow Kannurian, but now a Bangalorean! :)

  6. @ $$
    Oww more bloggers from my place! Its always nice to see someone from our land, even though generally we tend to escape from here when we're still here! :O