Reporting behind the Void

Life's good. There's a little empty time up here, when I have no business bothering about anything.
Time to look back, I guess. Errr..

How about an interview to start with? Yes people, et got interviewed @
What to tell, it was all a random invitation to a rather well formed interview. But the questions were keen enough, I'd say :)

Playing the Guest
Shravan is celebrating 100 posts at his blog. And for the 101th post, et has been invited. Thus happened the 1st ever guest post by moi. By the way, its mostly graphics :O

Still Burning
et On Fire was created(long back). There's a handful of comics out there, more colors, and more smiles. Take a look. I suddenly thought I'd be more regular there. Sudden thoughts, y'knw. :Fire

Simply Very Simple
A Very Simple Game was my first and only try at making a flash game. Amazingly, it turned out smashing good. It was well received and adored.
All that happened years ago. Then again, I was looking at the sky one chilly morning and simply decided to work up the 2nd version of the game. Well, I've been away from all that and related stuff. So I really have to work this up!
Meanwhile you guys can play the first release, comment upon it, and give me more suggestions on making the second one. :h

The Old Shelf
Little award business here..
At a time, I was completely immersed in blogging. It was like.. blogging, reading, commenting, adding widgets, walking through blogging forums, more blogging, and the awesome part - receiving and passing on awards.
Awards came in all sizes and shape - brotherhood award, sisterhood award, cutest blogger, fattest blogger and everything. No matter, they always did their part of encouragement.
And here let me collect a bit of some long-forgotten-to-accept awards. Okay, I'm not going into the rules and details. Let me just accept your love, fellas! :L

from Shravan

from Choco & Vyaz

And may be some more which I lost somewhere between the other old stuff. Lets rewind and make some time, to check in all our happy times! :) :Rainbow


  1. I have two ferrets and a cat. Just got a hamster a few days ago.

    I know it is not related. But you don't comment on your own blog anyway.

  2. @ Shravan
    Its :party ! ;)

    @ Shadow
    People! I'm trying okay! :d

  3. Hey Et..I read the interview..Some time back..Couldn't comment then...Proud of you dude..Keep up the good work! :)

  4. @ Ash
    Anytime! Thanks! :D U'r sweet :)