Smileys for Blogger #Update 002

So so so.. here's a surprise update for the et-smiley set for Blogger blogs!!

This set includes some 10 amazing smiley icons. There's a new angel smiley, a music-note icon, and whoa, there's even an et smiley. :)

Still didn't figure out how to use these awesome smileys in your blog??
Read the main article here

Those who are already using the et-smileys need not do any update to their html code. Just refer the new smiley chart below:(as simple as that!)

:angel angel :angel
:brow raise brow :brow
xP dead xP
:party party :party
:fire on fire :fire
:ice frozen :ice
xo frustrated >.<
:tone musical note :tone
:rainbow rainbow :rainbow
:et et! :et

Any further suggestions? Feel free to express your views at teh comments section..


  1. Hello! I really like your smileys and would like to add it in my blogger blog. However, I also use a lightbox module and after putting your smileys script before the head tag, the smileys shows up, but the image doesn't open as it should be.
    The smileys code seems to disable the lightbox code somehow, and I tried all the different lightbox, many smileys scripts and still cant find out why. I've searched on google, about something jquery.noconflict but don't really know how to fix it. Can you check my website and see what's the problem?

    Thank in advance for your help :)

  2. Hi! It's me again! I've done some research and it seems that the function to replace the text, disable any javascript event. That's why the image doesn't show in the lightbox. Do you have any idea how to fix this and make replacing txt not disabling javascript event? :p

  3. @ Anhstar

    I'll surely look into your problem. :)
    You may also verify a common trouble caused by the smiley script: It replaces ALL instances of smiley symbols! So if you're having some smiley symbol inside your other JavaScript codes, it can surely result in chaos.

    For example:

    rgb(17,17, 8); >>the original code is replaced like this

  4. Could you add the class 'main' and 'blog-posts hfeed' in the script as I am using a custom template. Also, I have noticed that my infolinks doesn't work once this script loads up. I mean, those infolinks doesn't show any information on mouseover and even when someone clicks them, nothing happens. So could you fix it so that both can go hand in hand. :)

  5. I wish not concur on it. I think polite post. Especially the appellation attracted me to study the sound story.

  6. why i cant use it?
    who can done it?

  7. hai... thanks for u r great and cute smileys. I make use of it in all my blogs and websites...thanks for you and expect lot of new blogs from u...

  8. Awesome Smileys... Thanks a lot :)