No more a Folly

Last week got me totally busy on the final works of a dream-come-true venture. The efforts were worth it, and the dream did come true! :)

So what's this all about?

I think i mentioned here earlier; its a website on the history and tourism of Thalassery, my home place.

This has been a dream for a group of students. Now its a reality, of course. Once I too was a student of this school, and moreover I got a chance to handle the important work of the web designer in this project.

On to the site.. discover a whole new place on earth!

Remember, the address is
More reasons to travel!! :D
Don't forget to leave your comments there!

And now.. awesome shots from the inauguration event, which was held at Overberry's Folly..

That's A and C, illuminating (shot by me)

The castle structure at Overberry's Folly (shot by C)


  1. Hey et...Checked out the website..It looks neat and is so very informative..Will check out some of the places next time I am there!

    PS: Mr Web Designer..Do take time out some time to reply to your comments too! :P

  2. finally!
    and who are a and c? sisters?

  3. @ ash..
    okay okay! i've been taking bit of time in the outside world! i'll sure care my best to reply the comemnts.. :)
    anythin 4 u :D

    @ ashu
    sis & our frnd