Wait, hold your sad face! This is the happiest requiem ever sung!! :D

Earlier this year, I scribbled down The Dark Chapter : Screwed Up! . This one you're reading now is a sequel to the Dark Chapter.
The whole mess was around a ruined Lab exam of mine. Ruined because of erroneous instruments, careless heartless instructors, and my very personal hate for the underlined subject, Electronics!

Well, phew! That was over!

And as a matter of fact, there is.. the result yet to come.
And it came.

I passed! No glory, no high altitude graphs. But i did pass!
This is important to me because, with the results of this 3rd semester, my every liability to study Electronics is over - in theory or practice. I'm free falling! Back to algorithms. :)

So, requiem, ye most hated subject!


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