To Build a Planning Board

Although it does rhyme with the name of a good ol' English classic, the post title intend - for a change - to literally describe what this post is all about: to create a planning board from scratch and stick it up on the wall of your precious little room.

The motivation? Well, people make to-do lists for organization, order and other such seemingly achievable qualities. What I found out is, my to-do lists - the daily ones, those for short term works, and those for long term projects - wander across my room, hide under the pile of books, or completely disappear into thin air, thus creating quite a chaos.

Here I will take you through the simple steps to creating a planning board for your own room. That too, quite graphically with some wonderful *ahm* snaps from my mobile cam and tons of thanks to the creators of GIMP.

Raw materials: Thermocol sheet, Black chart paper
Tools: Craft knife, Scissors, Ruler, Gum, Double-sided tape
Usage materials: Drawing pins, Paper & Pen :)

Slice up the thermocol sheet to the required dimensions with the craft knife. Now slice up the black chart to a slightly larger size by leaving some border on each side. Glue the chart on the thermocol.

Congratulations, the major part is done!

Now we can get the double sided tape and drawing pins near to the board so that they'll get used to each other.

For a peaceful life together for the rest of the days

Good things come to those who wait? May be.
Anyhow, we gotta give the glue some time to settle, and some weight would be greatly appreciated by the glue molecules trying to bring together the chart and the thermocol. Here I've found some use to all my engineering text books even after the course is so bleeding over.

Learning never stops!

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is a much cooler book to read than any of the stuff above, but the text books are much cooler when it comes to giving a dead weight on the gluing process.

It is also funny

At last, we're ready to cut up some small pieces of the double-sided tape and fix it on proper positions on the board.

And then, stick it up! You're done!!!!111ONE :)
I placed it between my bed and table, so that I can add and manage the to-do lists on it easily.

The planning board can find a number of uses if you're creative enough, and also depending upon your work. You can even use different coloured charts instead of the black chart, and decorate it with whatsoever.

Apparently I can strike that off now

Tip: Use different drawing pins to categorize and prioritize your plans

Signing off, yours truly. Let me know your suggestions and tips and impressions on the planning board :)


  1. Crafty affair! :) .. Ok not literally.
    Nice job.
    I bought a pin-board last year. It has a white board on the back. So, I keep flipping it according to my needs.
    I am sure it's going to be very useful for you. Plus, it looks cool. :D

  2. @Ankita
    First off, I didn't quite make it to the core of the first line you said. But that's okay :)

    Ah yes, a pin-board. I call it a planning board; it's like I invent terms which make more sense to me even when there are ready made terms for them. But that goes well with an invented goodie, right? :D

    Your board sounds really cool. Whiteboard and Pin-board, that's really totally rad.

    And finally, thanks! :)

  3. @Creation

    Yeah, well, it seemed so to me also when i started working on it. I can say that creating it has been a lovely process :). Thank You.

    I wonder why you moved on from K to C. I liked the K.

  4. Nice ;)
    oh and i never thanked you for your comment on my last post. I was having a tough day and your comment just made it better. So thanks a lot :D