Where spongecakes and salads are made

At the beginning of this partly humid, partly warm month of June, I happened to watch the movie Julie & Julia. It is exactly at this point I decided I had to do something about my desire to be able to cook a bunch of delicious and vivid recipes.

Cooking for me goes in parallel with the idea of travelling around the world. In both the cases, we're looking for change, for variety. The boundaries of the place I live, and the variety of its recipes, both  continue to exist as constants. And for some people, there is always a saturation point for how much they can live with constants.

Although travelling will have to wait a bit more, I found no more excuses not to start cooking. That is, to bring into action that motivation I had even as I was watching Ratatouille (besides the animation). That is also, to expand my knowledge of the kitchen beyond Tea, Coffee, and Maggi ;)

Having a very clear idea of my intentions and whims very well by this age, I shall not venture anything even close to the Julie/Julia project.
Anyhow, it's quite a pleasant thing to tell y'all that the first recipe was a success! :)

Basically, I started from this:

Bone-less fish in pepper and salt, egg, flour, bread-powder, what-not

And made this:


Based on some magazine recipe, undergone a number of customizations, that's my very own Coated fried fish. Enduit de poisson frit.

Since we don't have any pet animals at home currently, everything was tested and verified on human beings :P
And what do you know, it was even delicious to some extent! :)

Bon Appetit


  1. luks yummy...but I do appreciate the one who tested it firzt :P

  2. @ Alice
    You don't understand!
    It *is* tasty and completely edible. In brief, very unlike first time cooking experiments.
    Although even I am surprised ;)